Illusive Eclipses

Why eclipse season shouldn’t be feared!

   I am a gen z-er on Tiktok and one of the things that I love about Tiktok is the spiritual content there. Although there are a lot of inexperienced people on there who don’t know what they’re talking about, there are many witches that do. This past week we had our first eclipse of the season and the Tiktokers ate it up. By the end of the week there seemed to be a battle between the actual practitioners on the app and the imposters. 

   I am going to start off with the fake news circulating around right now because the clowns are saying that eclipse season is volatile. They are warning baby witches to not make their moon water, charge crystals, or really do anything on an eclipse. I will say that they are not entirely wrong as eclipses can seem volatile depending on where you are on your path and what you’re doing in your life. I will get more into eclipse season itself later but just know that you should not fear it’s powerful energy.

   The actual internet gurus are explaining eclipse season differently than the less experienced creators. They explain it as a powerful transformative energy; when working with energies that powerful it can be scary because it will catapult you into learning the hard lessons. From what I’ve seen and experienced: If you are not living your truth, or lacking direction, eclipse season is going to grab you by the pointy hat and teach you who tf you are. We have eclipses to learn intense lessons and create needed change in our lives. 

    So what is eclipse season really about? Eclipses are always great for reflection as they help us see the parts of ourselves that we don’t really like. This is one of the reasons that people fear eclipses, they don’t want to admit their flaws. Depending on the phase, it can also be good for release as well as attraction. If the moon is full then you are probably about to purge something whereas on a new moon your manifestations can be magnetized. This isn’t always the rule as everyone is on a journey but this is what typically happens. No matter when the eclipse is, this is a great time to try new things; especially if it seems like nothing is working in your favor. This is the cosmo’s way of making you take a step back to let go of what isn’t working for you. Emotions are high in these times as well because the emotional power of the moon is often amplified. This can also add to the fear around eclipse season because when our flaws are illuminated this can bring strong negative feelings. Just remember it will pass and this is your chance to work on that part of yourself and integrate it. The key to eclipses is acceptance so that you can move past your baggage. 

   For eclipses I like to do my normal moon rituals but usually an alternative focus will arise and I will cater my ritual around it. A common example is emotional cleansing and release. So in this case my ritual would focus on release and my activities would be things that articulate my feelings and release them. Eclipses can be like a reset button to our blocks in the past moon cycles so definitely use them! An eclipse may also push you out of your comfort zone with its power so eclipses are a time to go with the flow. 

   All in all, eclipses should not evoke fear. There are always people who are going to cry wolf at everything and in this case the internet spread a lot of misconceptions. The fear definitely arises because of the intense energy of eclipses. While this energy usually serves us well in the end, going through it can be rough. I will be honest and say that I used to hate eclipses! They would always show me what I did not know and teach me the lesson the hard way. Now they have treated me well by adding power to my manifestations. So I think that how your eclipse season goes depends on you and your journey. My advice for everyone this eclipse season is to follow the vibes because you never know where they may take you. 

Contact me or go to my readings page if you want an eclipse season forecast for 2021 because I have a feeling that it’s gonna be special for everyone!


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