My Favorite Crystal

   Once you get into collecting crystals, your favorites tend to jump out at you quickly. My first time experiencing this was with rose quartz. The minute I held my rose quartz in my palm I could feel a strong connection and energy in my whole body. Although I love rose quartz and wear it everyContinue reading “My Favorite Crystal”

It’s Not Just a Phase, Mom!

The moon is a widely used symbol in witchcraft and many witches love to involve the moon in their magick by doing their spells by the moon phases! Every moon phase affects the energy of that night and you can even look at the astrological sign that the moon is in to get even moreContinue reading “It’s Not Just a Phase, Mom!”

My Take on Ouija Boards

Ouija boards are a controversial topic in the witch/psychic community. I feel like most people think they are dangerous and I have to agree with them. Ouija boards are a little different than most tools because they are not used to communicate with the higher self and possibly guides but rather for all entities. AreContinue reading “My Take on Ouija Boards”

The Tea on Being A Psychic

   Where do I even start with this one? Being psychic is a crazy thing because it never gets old. Although it is annoying sometimes it’s one of my favorite things about being me. To start off this article I want to say that everyone has psychic abilities (you just need practice) and everyone has aContinue reading “The Tea on Being A Psychic”

Hi, I’m Clair

   The clairs. If you have delved into the paranormal or spirituality at all you have probably heard of the clairs. For those who don’t know, the clairs are the five different psychic abilities. If you are a psychic you may have one or even all of them.    The most well known of the clairs isContinue reading “Hi, I’m Clair”