My New Iced Coffee Maker

AKA my new best friend

   Good Morning everyone! Just kidding, when I wake up I’m actually more like this… “Ughhh” rolls over*. But for real, if you’re anything like me, getting that morning coffee is a big motivation to get up in the morning. Before becoming “The Coffee Witch” I wasn’t that into coffee. I was just one of those girls that either made a pot of coffee in the morning with creamer or got a mocha from Starbucks. If this is you, no shame but I’m about to put on something. I also really liked iced coffee but the only place I could get it was Starbucks. My dilemma was that I would spend so much on iced coffee until Mr. Coffee came out with their new iced coffee maker.

   I was really scared that it wasn’t going to be that good but I was really impressed. It is a little stronger than a regular coffee maker or Keurig but I like that. So the taste is good. I haven’t had it black but when I add all my cream and stuff it is awesome. The coffee maker is also convenient because it’s basically an iced coffee Keurig. You just put the water and coffee grounds in the machine and it takes less than five minutes to brew. 

   My only problem with it is that I have to put it in the freezer for a minute before I add the ice. It isn’t super hot when it comes out but it will still melt the ice. This doesn’t bother me that much though because as far as I know (and I could be wrong) you can’t just brew coffee cold. You can buy cold brew already made but part of making coffee is the heat and humidity inside the machine. So Mr. Coffee can’t really help with this problem.

   Now the part we’ve all been waiting for, what am I drinking? So the first component of my homemade iced coffee is the water obviously. Then I have my coffee from Bruja Coffee Co. which I will be posting a review of next week. So I put all that in the coffee maker and turn it on. Then I put it in the freezer until it’s almost completely cooled off. Finally I fill it with ice. Now is the fun part. Ever since I got my apartment, I’ve wanted to get into coffee. I always wanted to make my coffee with more than creamer. So when I saw that this coffee maker came with a little cookbook, I had to go to the store. 

   When I realized I loved coffee I have always wanted to learn more about it as in how it’s made, where it comes from etc. One thing that I have noticed about coffee shop coffee is they use special syrups and more than just milk to craft drinks. I just never had an excuse to buy this type of stuff so I always had a bland cup of beanwater and milk every morning. In the cookbook I decided to make the “skinny vanilla” drink which gave me an excuse to buy cream and syrup. When I made it I felt like one of those aesthetic Tiktokers because it was very satisfying to stir the cream into the coffee. It was also super easy because the drink is just a splash of vanilla syrup and half and half. Then I obviously stir it clockwise to lock in my good intent and work with the energy that is already charged into my Bruja coffee. 

   I think that everyone can tell that I love this drink but my only qualm with it is the vanilla syrup. The recipe is called “Skinny Vanilla” because it is the sugar free syrup and it also has less ingredients than some of the other drinks. I am into fitness so I try not to drink my calories for the day but the store did not carry the sugar free syrup. This means that every cup has about 20 grams of sugar. What I also didn’t like about the syrup is that it barely tastes like anything and you have to put a lot in to taste it. This could just be my individual taste buds but I personally was not that impressed. This leads me to my next point: It’s almost $5 for a small bottle. This doesn’t sound like a lot but I could get a whole jug of cold brew that’s already sweetened for less than that. So if I’m going to pay $5 for a small bottle I wish I could taste it. 

   All in all, I 100% recommend the Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker. Not only is it easy and quick to use but the coffee tastes good. The best part is, it’s only $30! My Keurig was about $80 and coffee makers usually go from $50-$100. I see this product as a steal because it is something that I use every day. Also think about how much money you spend on iced coffee from coffee shops. If it’s about $5 for every coffee you will have paid for the coffee maker in less than a week. Oh! One more thing I forgot to mention, it comes with a tumblr! The other thing I liked was the recipe book because I am no barista and it tells you exactly what products to buy to make a bunch of different drinks. My only minor complaint on this product was that it does still come out warm but that is not the coffee maker’s fault as it is virtually impossible to make coffee without heat. Overall though this is an essential to any home coffee lover.

Buy Mr. Coffee here: Mr. Coffee® Iced™ Coffee Maker with Reusable Tumbler and Coffee Filter, Lavender – –

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