Coffee Cups to Awaken the Witch in You

     I feel like lately I’ve been writing about serious and complicated subjects and it’s starting to burn me out so let’s take a coffee break. When you have your morning cup of joe, one thing that is always essential is a cup. Unless you drink straight from the coffee maker, in that case you do you. For the rest of us, here are some cute and witchy coffee cups to add magick and style to your morning!

  1. My Cauldron

   I actually have this cup and I think it’s adorable! It’s black with an iridescent oil slick-esque finish. It also has the tree of life on it which is a symbol seen across the world in almost every culture. I also love the little feet on it! The one thing I will say about it though is that it is a little smaller than other coffee cups. Overall, this cup is an adorable way to drink your morning brew. 

Buy the cup at Earthbound online or in store! Earthbound Trading Company – New Home + Gift

2. The Bruja Mug

The Bruja cup can be purchased from Bruja Coffee Co. Which is a great Latina owned small business. All the coffee is magickally charged and hand roasted. The owner actually traveled the world learning how to roast. So definitely check them out!

Purchase the Bruja mug here Bruja Coffee Co. (

3. VW Bus

Isn’t this little bus the cutest? Add good vibes to every morning whether you’re a bonafide wanderer or just dreaming of van life.

Purchase here Volkswagen Bus Themed Coffee Mugs | Mercari

4. Zodiac Sign Cups

Links to buy mugs:

Virgo: Zodiac sign Constellation Astrology Coffee Mug | Etsy

Libra: Libra Coffee Mug with Celestial Constellation design Libra | Etsy

Scorpio: Formations Scorpio Zodiac Mug in Black/White | Bed Bath & Beyond (

Capricorn: Capricorn Coffee Mug…Eco-Friendly Packaging…Capricorn | Etsy

Aries: Aries coffee mug | Etsy

Aquarius: Aquarius Coffee Mug… Eco-Friendly Packaging…Zodiac | Etsy

Gemini: (57) Pinterest

Pisces: Pisces Coffee Mug… Eco-Friendly Packaging…Pisces Gift… | Etsy

Cancer: Cancer Zodiac Coffee Mug, Beautiful Watercolor Crab Cancer Horoscope Ceramic Cup, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, June July Birthday Gift (

Taurus: Taurus Coffee Mug… PRIORITY SHIPPING…Eco-Friendly | Etsy

Leo: Ethnic Wear – Buy Ethnic Wear in Latest Designs Online at Craftsvilla

Sagittarius: Sagittarius Coffee Mug Zodiac Horoscope | eBay

5. Moon Rock Mug

I’m in love with this trendy moon mug! I’ve seen mugs like this across social media and I want one. Like most other witches I have an obsession with the moon and this is a cup fit for Rhiannon herself!

6. Out of this World

This one is for my starseeds, harness the power of the cosmos in your cup with this alien 3d mug. I love this because of the way the eyes pop out and it even has finger grooves for morning comfort. With this cup, your vibe will be out of this world.


One thought on “Coffee Cups to Awaken the Witch in You

  1. A fine creative Blog.
    I desecrate the venerable bean by a splash of Brandy in three teaspoonsful of Nescafe granules in half a cup with a bit of honey. My son is a veritable devotee in the choice of a special brand regularly delivered by post, which my aged taste buds are not able to appreciate so readily.


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