Illusive Eclipses

Why eclipse season shouldn’t be feared!    I am a gen z-er on Tiktok and one of the things that I love about Tiktok is the spiritual content there. Although there are a lot of inexperienced people on there who don’t know what they’re talking about, there are many witches that do. This past week weContinue reading “Illusive Eclipses”

Coffee Cups to Awaken the Witch in You

     I feel like lately I’ve been writing about serious and complicated subjects and it’s starting to burn me out so let’s take a coffee break. When you have your morning cup of joe, one thing that is always essential is a cup. Unless you drink straight from the coffee maker, in that case you doContinue reading “Coffee Cups to Awaken the Witch in You”

The Demiurge

   This post is going to be very controversial because it goes against a lot of people’s beliefs. So if you get offended by controversial religious theories just leave now. I also don’t necessarily believe in this one but I think it’s fun to look into it. I actually got this idea when I went downContinue reading “The Demiurge”

The Emperor

   In yesterday’s post I went over the empress so today I’m writing about the emperor. Like I said yesterday, tarot is very dependent on the reader’s interpretation of the cards. For beginners it is great to start off with the text book meaning and then use your intuition to add your own twist. So justContinue reading “The Emperor”

The Law of Attraction

   I really don’t know how I have had six weeks of posts out and I haven’t gone over the law of attraction basics. The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts can bring positive or negative experiences to one’s life. The law of attraction can be very powerful when you learnContinue reading “The Law of Attraction”

Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft

Being a witch is hard. I love it and it’s my passion but sometimes it takes a lot of my energy. If you feel tired of the craft it’s okay to take a break for a little bit. Before my break I thought that taking a break was so stupid. I thought that it wouldContinue reading “Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft”

Never Ever Give Up

 Although I have focused on witchcraft on the blog so far, there’s a reason why I call myself “The Coffee Witch.” Let’s not forget that I love coffee. Because I have a platform now, I think it is important to highlight small businesses. That is why I decided to feature my favorite coffee shop, GroundsContinue reading “Never Ever Give Up”

New Moon

   So I know that I have gone through each moon phase already on this blog but I want to go more in depth with the new moon because it is a special time for rituals/spellwork. Although each phase is important, the new moon plays a significant role in creating your intentions.    The new moon symbolizesContinue reading “New Moon”

Rose Quartz Promise Ring

 If you have been dating someone for a long time, you may want them to buy you a promise ring. The fun thing about promise rings is that there are no rules when choosing one. Some girls want a small diamond while some girls just want a simple silver ring. I like to use witchcraftContinue reading “Rose Quartz Promise Ring”