The Suit of Cups

   Since I am beginning to dive into tarot with yall, I wanted to go over the suit of cups. Cups usually symbolize emotion and the element water. It can also symbolize spirituality or a sensitive individual. Cups are also associated with love, relationships, connections and feelings.     A way to think about emotions when reading theContinue reading “The Suit of Cups”

The Emperor

   In yesterday’s post I went over the empress so today I’m writing about the emperor. Like I said yesterday, tarot is very dependent on the reader’s interpretation of the cards. For beginners it is great to start off with the text book meaning and then use your intuition to add your own twist. So justContinue reading “The Emperor”

Manifestation Techniques!

   Since I went over the law of attraction and the different vibrational frequencies, I think it’s time that I share some of my favorite techniques for manifesting effortlessly. In order to manifest, you have to learn how to engage your subconscious. Whenever you think, you are using your conscious mind to create ideas. So ifContinue reading “Manifestation Techniques!”