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Power of the Portal

You’ve done your new moon. You’ve done your full moon. You’ve even done your occasional eclipse, although maybe it did you. Does anything else happen in the sky in those two weeks between?  Yes, quite a bit, actually. You’ve got your transits, retrogrades, meteor showers, each with their own additions to the cosmic charcuterie board.Continue reading “Power of the Portal”

Sense & Sensuality

A month ago, if you asked me picture a sensual woman, I might dream up a dramatized Hollywood sexpot batting her fluffy eyelashes at the camera. Now, I might picture myself. This past Friday the thirteenth, I cast a spell I usually call a blessing bowl. Rather than capture the energy in a bag orContinue reading “Sense & Sensuality”

The Talk

 Now kids, it’s time we had the talk: there’s boys, and girls, and together they make magic… kind of. Sex magick is a very innovative way to kickstart manifestation. Whether you do it with a partner or alone, it combines all your energy, feminine and masculine to give birth in the metaphysical. 

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