Have you ever met someone who seemed to be magnetic? They probably seem to get all of the things and people that they want with ease. This is a product of them working on the energy that they radiate and fine tuning it to attract their desires. This is one of my favorite manifestation techniques and it’s honestly easier than you think. 

   The first rule of caring for your energetic body is caring for your physical body. While you are on this earth the two go hand in hand so if one is off kilter you will notice it in the other. Stress acne is a great example of this because stress is very bad for the energetic body, therefore it shows up on the physical body. So start a daily routine and stick to it, if you can stay disciplined for at least a month you will begin to notice a difference in your physical appearance and mental state which will make you more attractive to what you want. An example from my life is when I started working at a restaurant I was eating fried food every weekend and I was super busy so I wasn’t working out and I was sleeping until 11am every day. I constantly felt like I was in this mental rut and I didn’t know why. Then I started eating healthier and making fitness a part of my daily routine. Although I am not perfect and I will always have a sweet tooth I have noticed a big difference not only physically but mentally. Working out in the morning really clears my head and it also helps me direct my energy where I want it to go that day. It just gives me this sense of clarity that I have yet to find anywhere else. So step one to becoming a magnet is to begin a daily routine that makes you happy. 

   Another little trick that is especially good for beginners is practicing affirmations. Say your affirmations in the mirror daily and say them with conviction. Its gonna feel stupid at first but they are so powerful. You should also write them daily because writing and repetition are two of the easiest ways to change subconscious thought patterns. I am living proof of this because for a whole summer I decided I was gonna be hot and confident so I constantly repeated, 

   “I am a bad bitch.”

   “I am confident.”

   “I am hot.”

Etc. you get the point. If you are a visual artist more than a writer you can also make your affirmations into sigils. If you are unfamiliar with sigil magick I’ll post my article about it below. Affirmations are so powerful that they can even change your appearance/how you’re perceived.

   This brings me to my next topic, glamor magick. Glamor magick is using your energy to manipulate how others see you. There are probably a million different ways to do glamor magick but usually they are incorporated into a beauty routine or are their own beauty ritual. For example I charge my rosewater with rose quartz and when I spray it on face I think the affirmation,

   “I have clear skin.”

A few weeks after I started, my skin cleared immensely and doing an affirmation like this will make others perceive my skin as clearer than it is if I have blemishes. Another one that I like to do is while braiding my hair I’ll think about affirmations or what I want to attract and braid that energy into my hair. Hair is a very powerful part of your physical body in that it is an extension of your energy so it can be a great tool for magick. This is also why sometimes people’s personalities can change slightly when they change their hair. Glamor magick is also a great thing to do while you recharge so that way when you’re ready to step out into the world you are already charged up and ready. Some examples include bathing in rose petals/ritual baths, making a beauty mojo bag and placing it under your pillow while you sleep, listening to beauty/attraction frequency music while you sleep, using a rose quartz face roller and many more. 

   There are also full on beauty rituals you can do. I find that the best time to do these are on waxing or full moons because you’re trying to bring something in; also Libra, Taurus, and Libra season are awesome for this. Beauty rituals are one of the best ways to channel Venusian or divine feminine energy into your life and they are so much fun. There are plenty of ideas for these on the internet or you can think of your own here’s one that I like to do variations of. I got the original idea from following Stargirl the Practical Witch on Youtube so I’ll link her video at the end. 

  1. First I like to gather up some rose petals, preferably pink or red but any color will do. You can get these at a metaphysical shop or you can use them right off the flower. Hibiscus is also great for glam. 
  2. I don’t do this step every time but you can draw out some beauty sigils or look up the sigils of venus and draw them. When doing sigil magick you want to charge them up somehow so I usually charge them with a kiss. 
    1. Tip! Get the paper you use to draw the sigil wet and stick it to the wall of your bathtub. 
  3. Next, draw a bath. While you’re waiting for it to get full, gather up some crystals and oils that make you feel beautiful. I usually go for rose quartz and aquamarine but you can do whatever you prefer. Then for oils I like rose and sweet orange. Another fun thing to do is use bath bombs or give yourself a good smelling bubble bath. 
  4. Now for the best part: relaxing in your bliss. At this point I like to pop open a bottle of wine and listen to music or meditation until I’m ready to get out or the water gets cold. Sometimes I’ll even read a book if I feel like it.
  5. After you get out I recommend putting on your favorite outfit and getting ready for your day or slipping into your most comfortable pajamas if you’re going to sleep. This is also a great time for skincare which you can also make part of the ritual.

   This article encompasses just a few of the ways I channel Venusian beauty into my life. One thing that I love about magick for beauty is that it is so versatile. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the magick is in the hand of the witch. No matter how small of an action, if you tell your energy where to go it’ll go there.

My sigil article:

Stargirl glamor video:


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