Waters of Venus

   For my last story of the summer season I thought we’d take a dive into the waters of Venus. Venus was born of seafoam which means that things like, oh I don’t know… mermaids, are connected to her. The bodies of water on earth are their own worlds parallel to ours full of fish and aliens alike. We have only explored 5% of the ocean so we cannot rule out the possibility of mermaids. 

   The first mermaids were found on cave paintings from the stone age around 30,000 years ago. This is when humans started to venture out into the sea. The first story of a mermaid was from ancient Assyria (modern day Syria) around 1000 B.C. . When the goddess Atargatis became consecrated. Legend has it that she was the goddess of the moon, feminine energy, and water. She fell in love with a human shepherd and they had a daughter, but when she caused his death she could not live with the guilt and Atargatis tried to drown herself. The waters could not hide her beauty so she was turned into a mermaid instead.

   Besides legends about mermaids, they have been sighted by sailors over the years. I think that this added to their allure because this is what made them seem real rather than a deity or story. The first known mermaid sighting comes from the 2nd century A.D. when the governor of Gaul sent a letter to Emperor Augustus to inform him about dead mermaids on the shore. One of the most famous sightings is that of Christopher Colombus. He claims that the mermaids he saw were not beautiful and had more masculine features. Although historians have debunked these as manatees nobody really knows. Next in the 18th century, feared pirate Blackbeard charted mermaids in his logbook and instructed his crew to avoid “enchanted” waters. This next one is one of the more probable mermaid sightings on this list: 10 people on a boat off the coast of Kuai saw a woman swimming with a pod of dolphins. Then she jumped out of the water revealing her tail. Diver Jeff Leicher then dove into the water and got pictures of her. These photos were sent to a lab and they have not been debunked. Check it out below!

Kona Mermaid with Jack's Diving Locker, Hawaii

   Now that we’ve established that mermaids could possibly exist, what do they have to do with spirituality? At the basic level they embody the divine feminine with their allure and beauty. They are also ruled by goddesses like Venus, Amphitrite, and Atargatis. The Akashic records say that mermaids are beings of higher consciousness with lines all the way back to the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Some say that when Lemuria sank into the sea the Lemurians became mermaids and dolphins. Maybe the reason they’re almost never seen is because they dwell in a higher state of consciousness than us. 

   So maybe the reason that you have dreamt of being a mermaid since childhood is because you’ve had a past life as a mermaid. Since theoretically mermaids have been in existence since the time of the original starseeds it’s possible that you could be one of them. If you’re reading this you probably already know that most of us have had many lives in different realms. So who’s to say that you haven’t had a mermaid past life. If this is you may be deeply intuitive and creative. You may also be connected to crystals because they harness these old energies and contain knowledge of times lost. To be a mermaid is to have Goddess energy inside you and this gives you a deep connection to your higher self which makes you a great healer and creator. You feel called to share your blessings with the world and by doing this you touch more than you know. 

   So yeah plot twist mermaids are real. Even if we can’t always see them in this dimension they could be just beyond the veil. Who knows you may even be one of them. 






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