Light Language

Light Language

   If you have been into spirituality and researched, you probably believe that the past, present, and future has already happened. You also probably believe that there are more advanced beings out there than us. With the future already happening and there being advanced beings, shouldn’t there be a universal language that connects everything? That is where light language comes in.

   Light Language is a very elusive legend in that it is hard to find real information on it because it is so hard to define and can be interpreted differently from person to person. The best definition of light language that I could find is this: “The language of light is a sacred geometry produced by vibration.” According to many spiritual teachers, we are all beings made of light therefore, light language holds the codes to our creation and it is how we communicate directly with source. 

   The confusing thing about light language (as if it’s not already confusing enough) is that it’s not a linear language like English or Spanish. It can be transmitted through song, vibration, talking, movement, hums, etc. It is also visual. Many believe these sounds and visuals are from a universal root language predating the languages we have created on Earth. 

   When people have a spiritual awakening, they will sometimes remember parts of light language. This typically doesn’t happen in the initial awakening but later in life if the person has a kundalini awakening, becomes a reiki master, a shaman, or some other advanced spiritual profession. This remembrance brings about intense energy, elevates the consciousness even higher, and connects the practitioner to higher dimensions. Light language can even be used as a form of sound healing as the vibration is so high. 

   Many practitioners are able to channel light language even if they don’t know they’re doing it. I’ve seen this most commonly in channelers who doodle as they get messages. Sometimes the doodles will look like ancient glyphs and the psychic won’t know how they know them. It can also be channeled in just about every other form of communication/expression from song to algebraic sequences. These messages are straight from source energy. 

   To really experience light language, you have to let go of the logic that has been ingrained in us. We communicate ideas and they are only accepted if they make logical sense. Light language is different because frankly it’s existence doesn’t make sense; therefore we need to let go of logic and embrace love to hear it. If you feel something in your heart, even if it doesn’t make sense but you believe it is right, this is you communicating with source from your heart. A common theme of light language is embracing love and expressing divinity in this life. When experiencing light language, you may not really see something or hear something but it might come through your mind’s eye. A logical person would brush this off as just a random thought. A spiritualist would investigate this because maybe it’s a light language download. As more people awaken, this phenomena of seeing images or hearing words in the mind’s eye is more common and this is how we get downloads and understand light language. 

   Light language exists to help us align with the higher self. The codes in light language can actually begin to change our DNA to make us one with the universe. Our bodies are only using a small percent of our soul so these codes, known as activation codes can help us experience more of the soul. This allows us to essentially break out of the matrix we live in and escape the illusion of separation; allowing us to become one with the universe. This will result in loving communities and a more fulfilling existence.

   When light language is first heard it may sound like gibberish but maybe you find it feels familiar. Maybe you have seen the glyphs and you don’t know why but you know them. This is because we all came from source and this is the language of source. Light language is impossible to define because it’s everything. It can be clicks, sacred geometry, song, words, patterns, literally anything, you just have to be ready to see it. 

What Is Light Language? | We Are 1 in Spirit


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