What is Channeling


   In the movies, psychics will perform seances. These usually take place in mysterious looking, dimly lit rooms with a group people who know nothing about the other side. Then all of a sudden it’s as if the psychic is over taken by the spirit and everyone gets scared until someone turns the light on and suddenly all is well. This is how the media depicts the art of channeling. 

   A good definition I found of channeling is “communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through the channel (or channeler).” A channel is a different type of medium whereas most psychic mediums get messages through tarot cards, scrying, or by using one the five senses; channeling is a form of telepathic communication where the energy conveys it’s messages directly through the channeler. Another difference is psychic mediums usually receive symbolic messages from spirit while channelers get direct messages that they don’t have to interpret or think about. Their job is to simply pass them on. These people can be used as spokespeople for the spirit world.

   Like most forms of divination, you can also channel your higher self and use this power to look inward. This is often done through meditation as most meditation is used for introspective analysis of the self. By entering a deep meditative state, the channeler can connect with the higher self and build connections to the high vibrational energy that resides within the soul. The mind is also a very powerful thing so by channeling your inner self, you are able to get ancient wisdom that resides inside you. 

   One misconception about channeling is that any entity can take over the body of the channeler. While it may seem like this, especially because of how it is portrayed in mainstream media, the channeler actually chooses who they would like to communicate with. If the spirit or energy agrees to communicate, they will be linked together. Then the channeler receives raw, nonverbal communication. The reason that channelers exist and the spirit world doesn’t automatically communicate with everyone in this clear way is because the universe is endless. This means that there are lower vibrational energies than ours and much higher vibrational entities. A practicing channeler has learned how to translate these high energy messages into human words that can be understood. The channeler will feel this high energy in their body so this is why in movies they look possessed. An experienced channeler also knows how to shield away the lower vibrations. 

   Another misconception about channeling and the other side is that the spirits do not use english. If you are a psychic medium, played with a ouija board, or communicated with the other side in any way you have probably noticed that the messages almost never come in coherent sentences. This is because the spirits do not speak our Earthly languages. They use light language or their own sensory language. This is another reason channelers exist. Many of them know light language but if they do not, they can understand the sensory language of the energies of the universe. 

   Yet, another misconception on channeling is that they are surrendering their body to the spirits. In the movies, they enter a deep trance to allow their body to be taken over. If I am channeling Archangel Michael do you really think he has time to come to my apartment in Arlington Texas to enter my body. No. He’s too busy doing cool shit. When spirits are channeled they are usually far away but they are able to communicate through energy and light. Think of channeling like a spiritual cell phone. So although the channeler’s body may appear overtaken by energy, it is not the spirit itself controlling them, the messages just vibrate really high and the human body isn’t really built to contain energy like that. Channelers also don’t have to enter a trance to channel. They are usually aware of their mind, body, and the room as they channel.

   On the flipside, some people even believe that the channelers leave their body to channel. This is also not true. This would be considered astral projection but most channelers do not astral project specifically to channel. A psychic may astral project to communicate with a spirit but this would not be considered channeling.

   Channeling is a very mysterious art. I think that there are psychic abilities in everyone and channeling is no exception. My one qualm with channeling is that I do not think that inexperienced psychics should try to channel as they may not be able to discern between negative and positive energy. If you feel like you are ready to try channeling, I would suggest going inward first instead of trying to connect with another energy. This is much safer and easier because you know that you exist. You’re not just hoping that whoever you want to connect with connects with you. This also puts you in a vulnerable position. So try working with yourself through meditation before you try to access the akashic records or the archangels.


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