Earth Angels

   In New Age Spirituality beliefs, people are here for a reason. When we go through a spiritual awakening we realize that we have a higher purpose. Even though not everyone will wake up in this lifetime, everyone is here for a reason. There are many names and theories about the people who do wake up. I have already gone over starseeds but another popular term is an Earth angel. 

   When I say Earth angel I don’t mean that there are perfect people on Earth with wings. They are just normal people but like the starseeds they feel like a misfit here on Earth; They also know that they have a higher purpose. An Earth angel’s mission is usually to spread their light to others and help others raise their consciousness. This could be through spreading spirituality, becoming a type of practitioner, or simply being kind to others. 

  •  One of the signs of being an Earth angel is being artistic. This is because they love to express themselves to spread light! They often feel like they can’t explain how they feel about the world so they do so through their art. Their art can even help heal the people that see it.
  • Another sign is being easily overwhelmed in social situations. As an empath I relate to this because like empaths these people can often feel the energy in the room. Sometimes the energy is too much and they get exhausted. This is especially prevalent when in crowds or around negative people. Because of this they often need to recharge after being around people for a period of time.
  • A sign that I often see is people being drawn to the Earth angels. This is because they have a pure and loving energy that often provides comfort. People can sense this energy so they often feel comfortable talking about sensitive topics with Earth Angels.
  • Earth angels are also very independent individuals as they prefer to not ask others for help.
  • Although they are independent, they are also very accepting of all people. This is because one of the main principles of spirituality is to be kind to all. Earth angels also want to spread their light to as many people as possible so they are naturally accepting.
  • Like most witches and spiritualists, Earth angels also feel at home in nature. This is because most of us find society exhausting and Earth angels are no exception.
  • Also like starseeds, they have very high intuition and can sense energies, this is because they come from a place of higher consciousness. 

    Being an Earth angel sounds pretty cool but there are negative aspects of it as they too are subject to the universal law of polarity.

  • One of these traits is irresponsibility. There are a couple reasons for this, one being that they are usually very empathetic and put others needs above their own, therefore they do not tend to their personal responsibilities. This is because their soul is from the heavens so they don’t really understand that they need to take care of themselves as well as others.
  • Another negative personality aspect they have is an avoidance of conflict. They hate arguing and fighting so if they are in a situation they will try to find the solution that is best for everyone. This sounds good but it’s honestly super stressful for everyone involved.

   Earth angels are those friends that you gravitate towards in times of need. They are people who treat all with compassion and have an aura of beauty and kindness. If you think that you or someone you know is an Earth angel, I invite you to do your own research as this article is a general overview of this concept. If you feel like an outsider in this world, maybe you are simply on another level of consciousness. 


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