Rainbow Aura Quartz

   In my last post, I mentioned my aura quartz that I saw while meditating and knew I needed in my life. Most people have heard of quartz but what is aura quartz? Aura quartz is a quartz crystal treated with precious metals to give it an iridescent shine. Although this is a manmade crystal it is not fake by any means as the quartz and the metals it is treated with are completely real. I see this as a bonus because you can experience the benefits of these metals as well as the quartz. Although quartz is the most common, other stones can get treated like this. 

   There are many types of aura quartz. I actually tried to write a general post encompassing all aura quartz but there were too many so I am focusing on rainbow aura quartz. Rainbow aura is also known as titanium aura because the quartz is treated with titanium. The titanium gets bonded to the surface of the quartz in a high heat chamber. This is what gives it the rainbow shine. It also gives it the metaphysical qualities of titanium along with the original quartz. 

   Quartz on it’s own is one of the best stones to carry because it is so powerful. Quartz is known as the master healer because it is the most powerful crystal. It can purify and amplify anything. So by wearing it, it can clear you of negativity and amplify your powers. When used with other crystals, it amplifies the properties of them to give any spell an extra punch. It is also super versatile because you can program it to do anything, therefore it can be a substitute for any crystal. These properties make it an amazing stone to use for healing in all aspects of life.

   Titanium also has great metaphysical benefits including being calming and stabilizing, giving the user strength, and blocking negative energy. From my experience with my titanium aura I have noticed that the titanium makes me feel very strong, and in control. So if you feel like your life is out of control titanium would be a good thing to wear. It is also calming which seems contradictory with it’s strengthening properties. The cool thing about titanium is that while it gives the wearer strength it also calms them so that they do not fear the future. Titanium’s energy is also very potent so expect your energy to shift as you use it. It is named after the Greek titans because it is such a strong metal. Not only is titanium a strong metal but it also creates strong bonds; physically with other metals and metaphysically in our relationships. It is said that titanium can help the user find trustworthy partners and even help them find a true spouse. 

   Together, quartz and titanium together are a powerful duo, so when they become rainbow aura they are unstoppable in alchemizing energy. They are great in meditation for calming the mind and organizing the thoughts. Specifically, they are awesome in shadow work because they transmute the negative energy to positive. This is because the quartz purifies while the titanium provides strength to the user. Because it helps clear the mind, it is great for showing the user the right path. Another reason I love using it in shadow work is that clears blockages. Like I said earlier about it transmuting energy, it is great for getting rid of those blockages holding you back. It activates all chakras so even if you don’t know where the blockage is, this crystal can help you find it and clear it. That being said, it can cleanse and balance all your chakras and this gives it a very calming effect.

   Rainbow aura is one of my favorite crystals right now. I bought it because I saw it in a meditation, then a week later I used it in my shadow work. When I tell you it CLEARED that negativity! It helped me have my most powerful shadow work session to date. Then I carried it on me for like a week after that and it was like I was always in the eye of the storm. Even if an inconvenience happened, it didn’t phase me. I was also more energized when I carried it. So I recommend rainbow aura to anyone with anxiety, pent up negative energy, or if you just need a crystal pick me up. 

Rainbow Aura quartz – Healing and Metaphysical Properties (auraquartzworld.com)

Titanium Meanings (gemstone7.com)


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