From Visions to Reality

  When you meditate for the first time you may see many things, it can be very overwhelming… or underwhelming as sometimes success takes practice. Sometimes when I meditate, I will see objects. Sometimes these objects are things in my daily life. Sometimes they pop up in my future, or sometimes I will even see crystals that I have never heard of. 

   The first time was when I bought my azurite. I was quarantined so I had plenty of time to focus on spirituality. I was doing my usual meditation and I saw a beautiful blue crystal. The only problem was I had no clue what I saw. I literally just Google searched “blue crystal.” Surprisingly that narrowed my search for the mystery crystal down to two options: azurite or sodalite. So then I looked up the meanings of the stones and azurite seemed to align with my needs at that time. Then I migrated to the crystal store. I had to go to two stores to find it but as soon as I saw him, I knew he was the one (my azurite is a boy don’t question it).

   When you go crystal shopping or just metaphysical shopping, make it a mission. Be determined to find the one because if it’s meant to be you will know. These visions have come to me multiple times with garnet, rainbow aura quartz, and recently I saw a crystal ball. I have noticed that these objects that I see in my meditations can be things in my daily life and the meditation is either telling me to use that thing or that it will be useful in the near future. Other times it will be something that I don’t have that I can buy. Be careful with this vision thought as sometimes it is not something that has to be bought but a symbol that will be useful later. I usually know if I need to buy something because I will feel called to acquire it. If it is just a symbol then I usually just see it but I don’t get the vibe that I need it. Sometimes it will be a random object that shows up in my future. 

   The best example I have of something showing up in my future is on full moon I saw a pink flower. Rewind a week, I was at the mall and I saw an old friend that was also a witch and we planned to hang out coincidentally on the second day of full moon. So I did my ritual the night before and I saw this flower. It looked like a rose so I’m wondering if I have to go out and get a whole rose bush for my apartment, but I didn’t feel like I needed to have this item. So the next day my friend came over and I noticed that there were dried flowers in her phone case and one of them was a dried pink rose. So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I became friends with another witch on full moon. 

   Meditation is a powerful way to manifest and get insight into the future. Whenever I got my garnet I really manifested it because it was given to me. After I saw garnet in my meditation I actually took a break from witchcraft. Then on my first new moon back I connected to the goddess of the night, guess what one of her stones is? Garnet. So now I really wanted this crystal, the problem was I was super busy and I was Christmas shopping so I didn’t have time or money to spend on myself. I usually don’t get many witchy items for Christmas because I’m the only witch in my family but I actually got two garnets. So if something is meant to be with you, it will find its way to you. 

   I didn’t even mean for this post to turn into the meditation chronicles but I think that it’s important to show that these methods do work. Even if I took it upon myself to buy something instead of waiting for it to come to me, every time I have bought something I have found it and it ends up being super relevant to me in the near future. When I bought my aura quartz I didn’t even want aura quartz. Then I did my shadow work and learned that aura quartz is actually really good for shadow work. Then I ended up carrying it with me for like a week. For me, meditation and divination are like guides to life. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual so any hints I can get from the universe I will take. 


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