One of the most iconic symbols of witchcraft, the occult, and psychics is the crystal ball. When we see this image of the mystic looking into the crystal ball we are seeing what is called scrying. Although crystal balls are the most iconic there are many ways to scry and a few recommended guidelines to follow. 

   Scrying is known as “the ancient art of revelation.” It comes from the old english word, “descry” which means to make out dimly or reveal. Because scrying is all about using the second sight and making out images, psychics who are clairvoyant or have psychic sight are best at it. Everyone can learn to scry if they practice enough though. Scrying has been seen across all of the ancient cultures from the Native Americans to the Persians. So it is another ubiquitous practice from the ancient cultures that is now seen as occult or Pagan. 

   The easiest way to scry is through a reflective surface like water, a mirror, or a crystal ball. These methods are all very similar since everything is reflective. Because each material behaves differently, each experience will be different so try and figure out which one you like. For water, the best way to do it is to put water in a dark bowl or cup then find a dim room, and gaze into the water. I also like to do it in still, natural water sources like a pond or a puddle because I like that it is in nature. It’s almost like the element called me to scry in it.

   For mirrors there are actually two different types you can scry in: a normal mirror or a black mirror. Fun fact: the most occult object in your home is your tv because it’s essentially a giant black mirror. All a black mirror really is, is a normal mirror backed with black instead of a silver looking material. Some people say that round mirrors work better than squares but it doesn’t really matter. Also, many psychics get better results with antique mirrors. This is because they used to be backed with silver which made it easier to connect with the other side.. Beware, it is believed that spirits can also travel through these antique mirrors so before you go out and buy an antique mirror, learn how to lock it and do some protection magick. There are many theories why silver is so good for this and they go all the way down to the way the atoms are formed. So I’m not going to get into it. To mirror scry, go to a dim room and place your mirror in a position where you cannot see your reflection and it looks like a dark window. Then gaze into it just like water scrying. 

   Finally there is crystal scrying which is the most iconic one. The most common way to crystal scry is through a crystal ball made of clear quartz. You can also use many other crystals to scry or even just glass, you don’t even have to use a crystal ball. The reason you can use so many different things to scry is because the messages are coming from your intuition, not the crystal itself. It’s like how in tarot you don’t even have to use tarot cards specifically as they are just a tool to help you understand the messages better. The crystal is the same way, think of it like an outlet for your higher self to come into this world in a way you can understand. Just like buying other crystals, your new scrying stone will need to be cleansed as you don’t want residual energy in your life. Then when you are not using it, cover it with a piece of cloth so it doesn’t get dirty. Some witches also believe that sunlight should never come in contact with the crystal ball as divination is ruled by the moon. There are also other superstitions about spirits coming through but I’ll let you decide your stance on that. So, like the other methods of reflective scrying start with a dim room. Then relax and gaze into the crystal. Try to look into the stone, especially if it is a more transparent stone. If you are having trouble concentrating, try placing it on a dark cloth in your hands. You can also experiment with your light source to see what location works best for you. Some psychics like to have light shining through the crystal and some like it shining on the crystal.

   There are many more methods of scrying than these. These are just the easiest ones. If you have trouble your first time, don’t give up. Scrying is an ancient art form that takes practice! If reflective scrying isn’t for you then you can try wax, cloud, oil, fire, smoke, or even eyes. Fire, water, and mirror scrying are my personal favorites but I really want to get a crystal ball and try crystal scrying. So let me know in the comments if you scry, what your favorite method of scrying is.


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