Everyday Magick

   There are many things that are difficult about being a witch but the one that plagues me the most is not having time to sit myself down and practice. I’ve always been a busy person but I really got serious about witchcraft during quarantine… when I had all the time in the world. So now that my life is pretty much back to normal I feel like there are never enough hours in the day. To remedy this I do little things throughout my day to incorporate a little bit of magick and intention into my life.

   When I first wake up is when I start my magick because I have a dream journal. So right after my alarm goes off I grab it and start writing. The faster you do this, the more of your dream you will remember and let me tell ya, dreams are so strange. Right now I’m trying to do more dream work so after I write in my dream journal I will do a couple exercises: affirmation, reality check, and visualization. Since I am trying to learn to remember my dreams and lucid dream I tell myself “I remember my dreams” as an affirmation. Then after that I do my reality checks which is an exercise to teach you how to lucid dream. Basically what you are doing is checking things that in the real world don’t change so that in your dreams when they are different you will realize you are dreaming. So I look at my hands, outfit, and check the time because these things are often different in dreams. Finally I do my visualization by picking an object in the room and imagining it changing colors and eventually going back to normal. If you do this, notice how similar the real object is to the one in your mind. This exercise is good for not only controlling your dreams but also your reality as it is teaching your mind to transmute energy.

   Next I get out of bed, zombie walk to my keurig and make my coffee. I love buying craft coffee from my local witches that is energetically charged but any coffee is fine since we’re gonna charge it with intention anyways. So once I put my milk in my coffee, I stir clockwise to add my intention. This affirmation changes depending on my goals but right now I’m using the “I remember my dreams” phrase. Then I try to eat a healthy breakfast because eating healthy is good for you physically and spiritually. Breakfast is also the most important meal of the day! 

   So now that I am kind of awake it’s time to do my skincare. I use rose water for my toner and as I spray it I say “I have clear skin.” Rose water is also very good for me because Venus is one of my guides and roses are one of her symbols. She also encourages the pursuit of beauty. Then if I am having trouble with my makeup or I just don’t feel that pretty, I can call on Venus for help because like I said, beauty is kind of her thing.

   On my way out of the house, I like to grab a crystal to carry with me and incorporate crystal jewelry into my outfits for the good vibes. I also like to carry my tarot cards on me… just in case. If you really want to be in the witchy mood, you can create a playlist of music that makes you feel magickal, or I have one that I will link below. Listen on your way to work or school for witchy vibes. 

   At work I don’t do much magick but nothing can really stop me from being witchy all the time. So if I have an intention that I really want or a vibe that I want, I write an affirmation that goes with it all over a piece of paper and keep it at my desk. I also do tarot readings sometimes because I do readings on tiktok. Either that or I’m reading myself or a close friend who has a question. Then I work on the blog. My job is very boring so I needed something creative to do so I didn’t want to die all the time. For me it’s the blog, for you it could be writing poetry, booking modeling gigs, or studying. If you have a slow boring job, find something you can do in the downtime that enriches your passions. By doing something you love you are keeping your vibration high, even during the work day. 

   Finally you are off and have arrived at your humble abode. Before I start my chores, I check up on my plants and see if they need water. If you are a green witch this would be a great time to talk to your plants (if you’re into that). Then after that I do my chores which isn’t really witchy but having a clean space is way better for magick. 

   Then I like to go to the gym to move my body and because I love it. Going to the gym helps me energetically because by moving my body I get rid of stagnant energy. On the way I usually sing or scream to my music to help move energy and emotion around so I can feel it, let it out, and move on. But you don’t have to go to the gym to do this, you can exercise at home, bike, jog, dance, do yoga, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you are moving your body in some way. Going to the gym is also good for me because I love doing it and by doing something I enjoy that is good for me I am raising my vibration. Then by raising my vibration I raise the planet’s vibration. So go out, move your body, and love yourself.

   By now the night is winding down and you have had a magickal day. One thing that I have learned through working my nine to five and being a very busy witch is that magick doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. I can take five minutes right now to write out intentions. So if you are a super busy witch, try to be mindful throughout your day and be intentional about your actions. By realizing how magickal you are, your mindset on life will change for the better, and things might just change.


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