Light Workers

   Lightworkers are the umbrella category for Earth angels, starseeds and all other high vibrational people. You can be a lightworker and not identify with Earth angels or starseed. If you are reading this blog then you are probably a lightworker. These people are here to spread light, as their name implies. They are often healers so they commonly learn reiki, tarot, herbal medicine etc. They can also be found doing helpful occupations like teaching, counseling, or something medical. 

   The term “lightworker” was coined in the 1980’s by author and teacher, Michael Mirdad. Then this term was popularized by Doreen Virtue’s book, “The lightworker’s Way.” Lightworkers, like starseeds and Earth angels are here to raise the consciousness of the planet. Lightworkers are also very psychic and empathic. This allows them to know how to heal those around them. They also feel a huge pull to serve others spiritually or physically. This isn’t limited to people as they often adopt many animals. 

   Many lightworkers who have not had their spiritual awakening will have a deep compassion in their hearts and a passion for helping others. They may not even know why but deep down their soul knows that they have a higher purpose. Even though they don’t know they are doing it, they are helping the Earth by being themselves. Whether they are an artist who puts their emotions in their work to share with others or they are a veterinarian they have longing to make others smile. This in turn fulfills them and makes them happy. Think of them like lighthouses in a dark society. So if you have this passion for making the world a better place you are probably a lightworker whether you are awakened or not. Awakened light workers and those not there yet are perfectly acceptable as we need all the help we can get right now. 

   Although lightworkers are all about spreading love and light, they can actually feel a deep sadness for the world around them. This is because they are so empathic that they feel everyone’s energy around them. Let’s be honest, reality sucks so imagine being able to feel the world on your shoulders 24/7. This is what it’s like to be a lightworker who is committed to raising the vibration of mankind. So they often get depressed and they find an outlet in helping others. 

   If you know you are a lightworker but you don’t have an outlet to give your light to the world, here are some examples of things they tend to do.

  • The most popular profession for lightworkers is that of the healer. If they are awake they are likely to become spiritual healers like reiki practitioners or shamans but they can also be our doctors, nurses, vets, and psychologists.
  • Lightworkers are also our psychics. Although everyone is blessed with extrasensory perception, lightworkers often access this gift very naturally. They use this gift to heal others and predict future events to create the best outcome. These people are obviously our psychic readers but they also make good writers.
  • Another thing that lightworkers do is open up the interdimensional ley lines to let good energy into this dimension. I haven’t done a post on the ley lines yet but it is a very interesting topic that I am looking forward to introducing here on the blog. Lightworkers create these kinds of portals by spreading kindness to all. They also tend to be attracted to locations on or near places that the lines intersect as the energy is very pure there. So when a bunch of lightworkers are all at one location it strengthens these vortexes. These people are our yoga instructors, diplomats, mediators, activists or anyone who promotes kindness to all.
  • Lightworkers are also amazing manifesters and before they were awake they probably were using the law of attraction unknowingly. These people not only manifest for their personal gain but also to help their community. They could be manifesting their dream music career but their mission is to heal people through their music. The manifestors are our business people, inventors, innovators, and creatives because they are able to bring ideas to life. Some lightworkers spread their energy through communication. These people are our bloggers, writers, speakers, artists, teachers, and musicians.
  • Some lightworkers specialize in energy work and transmuting energy. These people make good counselors, teachers, fitness professionals, and yoga instructors.
  • Lightworkers in general are always pushing against the grain and they don’t care what anyone thinks of them. People with these traits often become leaders, entrepreneurs, business people, artists, inventors, and explorers. 

Lightworkers are everywhere as they are just people. Sure some of them have these seemingly unattainable lives we see on social media but some are sitting next to you at your office. Although not all lightworkers are awakened, they all have the same goal of making the world a better place for all. Even lightworkers who don’t know who they are yet do their part because they are typically kind individuals who feel called to help others. Then there are the ones who are awakened who know the end goal of raising the Earth’s consciousness. Whether you think you are a lightworker or not, just be yourself and watch your world change for the better.


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