Color Me Magickal

In witchcraft we use candles A LOT. A candle can symbolize multiple things like fire and spirit. I am planning on doing a more in depth post on candle magick but I want to use this as an intro to candle magick. Before I ever did candle magick I would simply take the colors of candles into account when doing any spell. By paying attention to what the color of your candle represents you can amplify the energy of your spell.

  • Red- Love, Lust, Passion, Strength, Action: Red candles are most commonly used in love or attraction spells because red is the color of sex and passion. The word passion can also translate to taking action. The color red is great for achieving what you want and standing up for what you believe in. It is such a bright and strong color that it is hard to resist.
  • Orange- Career, Manifestation, Creativity, Ambition: Orange to me is the color of opportunity. I often use orange in spells pertaining to my occupation, creativity, and sometimes finances. Meditating with an orange candle will bring opportunities right to you and empower you to take them and run.
  • Yellow- Positivity, Intelligence, Luxury: Yellow has a few meanings so first there’s the obvious fact that yellow is the happiest color. Then comes the part about intelligence. When new ideas come into the world it’s almost as if a bright yellow light is shining in a sea of darkness. Then the luxury meaning is encompassing gold as part of yellow. Gold can always be used to attract riches and because gold is in the yellow family, you can substitute gold for yellow.
  • Green- Money, Luck, Growth: Green is a money maker color because it attracts growth. Green is associated with the element earth and earth is all about steady growth so you may not see success right away. Earth is all about long term growth so in the beginning you may feel like everything is happening so slow. This is because green and the earth element is about sustainable long term growth. If you want quick money go for orange or even yellow. 
  • Blue- Calm, Focus, Truth, Protection, Good Fortune: Blue is the most calming color on the color wheel. Because blue gives us a sense of calm, it can also allow us to focus and find the truth. Sometimes in order to get clarity we need to stop and have a moment of calm. Blue is perfect for this. Blue also brings protection because of its association with the third eye and evil eye. Much like an amethyst, a dark blue or indigo candle can put a psychic aura around you to block out bad energy. Blue is also associated with the ancient evil eye symbol. This symbol is very protective so if you carved it into a blue candle you would be super protected from anyone throwing bad vibes at you.
  • Purple- Spirituality, Protection: Purple is the color most commonly associated with the third eye so burning a purple candle while using your gifts will boost you. It also brings protection in the same way that blue does by providing psychic protection.
  • Black- Protection, Banishment: Black brings protection by absorbing negative energy. 
  • White- Purity: White is the purest color so it is great for attracting positivity and peace. It is also good for keeping negativity away because it is so pure. You can also use white as a substitute for any color you may not have. 

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