Manifestation Techniques!

   Since I went over the law of attraction and the different vibrational frequencies, I think it’s time that I share some of my favorite techniques for manifesting effortlessly. In order to manifest, you have to learn how to engage your subconscious. Whenever you think, you are using your conscious mind to create ideas. So if I think to myself, “I have $10,000” that is my conscious mind just saying that. My subconscious does not believe that yet so it will not come to me. Now if I repeat that I have $10,000 enough times then my subconscious will start to believe it and I will notice myself pulling in more money. This manifestation could come in many ways from finding a $20 bill on the ground to getting a new job opportunity. Here are some of the many ways you can trick your subconscious into changing your reality. 

   The easiest way to start manifesting is to simply repeat an affirmation at least once a day. Like I explained above, if you repeat something enough times your subconscious will eventually believe it. You can say these affirmations or write them down (or both for extra power). There are a few rules to go by with this method that can make or break your manifestation. First, only use present tense and past tense grammar. So instead of saying I will, say I am or I received. Your brain doesn’t understand time so unless you have a specific date, do not manifest in the future tense. If I said that I have $10,000 tomorrow my subconscious doesn’t know if I mean tomorrow as in tomorrow, or the tomorrow after tomorrow. That sentence didn’t make sense but what I’m saying is if it’s a Monday and I said I have $10,000 tomorrow my brain doesn’t know if I mean Tuesday. This is because on Tuesday, if I say tomorrow the subconscious will think that I mean Wednesday. Then as time goes on you are putting off your manifestation until tomorrow. I know that was super confusing but you can always reply with your questions or contact me. The other rule is that you have to be specific. This is the problem that I have when manifesting. If I just say I want money, the universe doesn’t know how much money I want. So I could find $1 on the ground and that would be my manifestation. But if I said I have $10,000 the universe would provide that for me. When I say provide, I don’t mean I get to sit on my ass and 10k is going to magically fall into my lap. What I mean is I will be put in situations and given opportunities for me to make 10k. So in summary to this confusing section, if you repeat something enough times, your subconscious will believe it, thus changing the way you see the world which then changes your reality. 

   My next method which is a little more involved is manifesting by the moon phases. I have gone over all of the moon rituals on the blog before so I am just going to summarize how this works. The manifestation cycle starts on the new moon. So on the new moon you will write your intentions and do a ritual for extra oomph if you want to. Then when the moon is waxing you will find yourself put in situations that give you opportunities to manifest or get what you want. Then on the full moon there are a few things you can do. If your manifestation was successful then full moon is a time to celebrate that. If you did not manifest how you wanted to then you can reflect on the mental and emotional blocks that kept you from getting there. We call this a full moon release because you can do a ritual to begin to release these shadow aspects of yourself. Then on waning moon you can just chill and see what the next cycle brings or if you are releasing this is that hard part where you have to face your shadow. Manifesting by the moon is a great way to speed up any manifestation you are working on. This is because the moon is one of nature’s main cycles and when we work with nature and not against it, we become more attractive. The moon is also a planetary body and working with planetary bodies are amazing for connecting you to divine energy. 

   Another small thing that I do daily to start my flow of magick is to repeat an intention or affirmation while I stir my coffee. I do it with coffee but you can really do it with any food. This method is especially great if you’re a kitchen witch because you probably work with food and the home a lot. So every morning I stir my coffee clockwise and say my intention. Always stir clockwise because clockwise attracts. 

   Another quick trick is to burn a bay leaf. Bay Leaves have been known to be used by witches and we do actually use them a lot. They are a great herb for attraction and by using a leaf we are connecting to the element, earth. Then when we burn it we connect with fire. Finally we like to let the wind take the ashes which connects us to air. So all you have to do for this one is write your intention on the bay leaf then burn it and let the wind take it. By letting the wind take the ashes you are releasing your intention into the universe. This sends that message out to your subconscious that the intention is in the universe’s hands and you have done everything you need to deserve this intention. After you do this try not to think about your intention too much because if you over do it you will block it. 

   Another thing I do is I create sigils. I already did a post on sigils so I’ll just break it down on here. A sigil is a symbol with assigned meaning. It can be created by you or you can find something on the internet that aligns with your intention. I think they are more powerful when you create them because it makes it more personal but it doesn’t really matter just do what you prefer. There are many methods to make sigils but you can honestly just draw a picture and assign meaning to it. So once you have the sigil you need to charge it with your intention. There are many ways to do this but a few examples are: meditation, crystals, bodily fluids etc. 

   Another thing you can do is carry crystals with you. Just get a few crystals that match your intention and put them in your purse or pocket. This is a great way to get the good vibes flowing into your day. You can also make a little mojo bag of crystals and herbs that match your intention. 

   Meditation is also essential for manifestation. Through meditation we are able to tap into the subconscious directly. By doing this you will learn about what is holding you back from manifesting and what you really want. You can also consult your guides in the meditative state. Meditation is also just good for you in general. Our lives in this day and age are so busy that we often forget to take time for ourselves. So if you can just start with 10-20 minutes a day you will get hooked on meditating. There are also a plethora of meditation videos on Youtube for any intention. So curl up with some candles and enter your mind.

   These are a few of my favorite manifestation techniques. When getting into the law of attraction, remember that everything takes time. The first time you manifest you will probably run into some mental blocks but that’s okay. This is how you learn about yourself and find what you really want to attract. In order to change your reality you must change your subconscious thoughts. This takes a lot of practice but in time you will get there and be able to manifest effortlessly.


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