Spell Jars

Spell jars are super popular in the witch community because of their versatility and compactness. You can make a spell jar for just about anything and you can use any jar. Some witches will use a tiny jar and make it into a necklace and some will use bottles and display them on their altar. It is all up to you. 

   In order to make a spell jar, all you need is a container, a candle, and an intention. What you put in the jar is up to you. I have mentioned before that all the stuff witches use is optional all we really need is a strong intention and spell jars are no different. If I really wanted to, I could seal an empty jar and it would still work if I believed in it. 

   Everything in your spell jar is symbolic so if you want to attract money you might use a green candle and put coins and pyrite in the jar. We also commonly put a mix of herbs in these jars so once you get experienced you can grab whatever you want but in the beginning you can look up what everything means. One of the reasons spell jars are popular is because you probably have most of what you will need in your pantry. In addition to widely known symbols, you can assign personal meaning to ingredients. Maybe you are attracting psychic abilities so you may put an eye pendant in to symbolize the third eye. 

   When you’re ready to put the jar together, go ahead and do your pre spell ritual (casting a circle, lighting candles etc.) and get to work. The order in which you put in the ingredients doesn’t matter but I do suggest putting in heavier ingredients first so they don’t crush the lighter ones. For example if you have crystals and flowers I would put the crystals on the bottom and flowers on top.

   When you are done you want to seal the jar. To do this you’ll melt a candle on top of the jar. You want to make sure the color of the wax corresponds to your intention. If you don’t have the right color you can always use white. You can also decorate the outside of the jar. This step is optional but some things you could do is write a sigil on it, wrap it in string (great for binding), or even put a cool crystal on top. The possibilities are endless.


Jar Spells Made Simple – Wicca Academy


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