Self Care for the Signs

Aries: Go Outside- I recommend going outside for you, aries because you can feel the freedom you desire. You can also let out your inner rage and emotions that all aries people tend to have. So go outside and scream and run around. Then you can relax and watch the sun go down.

Taurus: Retail Therapy- Go treat yourself, taurus. It’s been a long week and you are such a hard worker that you deserve some time for yourself and shopping is your cardio.

Gemini: Meditation- You need to center and ground to know what you want. As a gemini, you often feel indecisive and pulled in all directions. To figure yourself out you need quiet time away from everyone else. So curl up with some candles and some youtube and chill.

Cancer: Watch a Funny Movie- You are the most emotional zodiac so you may need to lift your spirits from time to time. You are also typically a homebody so curling up on the couch with a good movie is your idea of fun.

Leo: Go to Karaoke Night- You love being the center of attention so go shine. Karaoke is perfect for you because even if you’re not a good singer, you will still get applause and share a moment with others. So go get dressed up and have a fun night with your friends. 

Virgo: Watch a Documentary- You love to learn so grant yourself an opportunity to discover something new. Like cancer, you are typically a homebody so chillin’ on the couch with some popcorn is your happy place

Libra: Get Dressed Up- I have never met a libra who didn’t have an affinity for all things beautiful so you should do that red carpet look that you have been dreaming of. You love looking good and putting effort into your appearance will make you feel great. 

Scorpio: Take a Nap- You have your energy in many places. Not only are you one of the most alluring and emotional signs, you also rule the darkside. You may feel like you can never rest because your mind is always running. So get yourself all clean and relaxed and go tf to sleep.

Sagittarius: Have a Night Out with Friends- You love going crazy and you often feel tied down by the world so spend one night doing whatever you want. Party it up on the dance floor and live with no regrets, follow your energy.

Capricorn: Have a Relaxing Night In- You are always going and always striving to be better. You don’t show it but that gets exhausting sometimes. So you need to pick a night where you just breathe and relax.

Aquarius: Turn Off your Phone- You are always being an advocate for all and news or social media can get to you sometimes. So have one night just to yourself with no phone or atleast no social media.

Pisces: Take a Bath- You need a break. You are the most psychic and one of the most emotional signs so being this way can be draining. Instead of being drained, go ahead and fill up the tub, get that bath bomb that’s been in your cabinet for the last month, and relax. Your element is water so being around water is very good for you,  bonus points if you listen to a meditation.

Also be sure and check your moon sign.


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