Kitchen Witch

 There are many types of witches and I haven’t gone over them because I feel like no one should be put in a box or confined to one category but I want to dive into what a kitchen witch is because kitchen witchery is so subtle and fun. Doing magick in the kitchen is a great way to incorporate the craft into your life. 

   Kitchen witches are also known as cottage witches (think cottagecore aesthetic) or hearth witches. They have this name because they are known for doing magick in the home. They often work with herbs and love to cook their intentions into food. From the herbs in their tea to the carrots in their stew, they recognize that all ingredients carry energy. They put magick into all their domestic tasks in the home. For example they may use lemon cleaning products  to repel negative energy from the home. They also decorate the whole house with witchy items like crystals or even a broom. Finally, it is important to them to live sustainably as this often brings good karma. 

   Anyone can be a kitchen witch. One misconception is that you have to have high domestic skills to be a kitchen witch but this is simply not true. If kitchen witchery calls out to you and you enjoy it then you are already a kitchen witch. Being a kitchen witch is all about doing these tasks with intention and care rather than doing them perfectly. Maybe you don’t cook that often but when you do you use herbs to lock in an intention…That is kitchen witchery. You also have the opportunity to learn these tasks through witchcraft if you feel called. Now you are not only learning how to do domestic tasks but you are also learning magick. If that’s not kitchen witchery, I don’t know what is. 

   We all have a little kitchen witch within us so here are some ways to let hearth magick into your busy life:

  • On your way home from work, stop by the farmers market or grocery store and pick out some herbs. Bonus points if you buy seeds and grow them in your window.
  • Stir your food and drinks clockwise to lock in good intentions.
  • Research herbs and ingredients to learn their magickal meaning.
  • Cook recipes made by witches for certain intentions.
  • Create a backyard garden of fruits, veggies, and herbs.
  • Start a compost pile.
  • Learn how to live more sustainably.
  • Find a recipe for diy natural cleaning supplies.
  • Place crystals around your home.
  • Sprinkle sage in your entry way to block out negative energy.
  • Place a broom by the door for protection.
  • Hang dried lemons in your doors and windows.
  • Make a suncatcher.


What is a Kitchen Witch? And how to become one. ~ The Wholesome Witch


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