So far I have gone over the crystals: rose quartz, pyrite, citrine, azurite, and clear quartz but my most used crystal by far is amethyst. Amethyst is an abundant purple crystal that is amazing for the third eye and psychic abilities. Because I read tarot and rely on my abilities often amethyst is a go to crystal that I like to keep on me. 

   Amethyst has a few different purposes, not only is it amazing for psychics but it is also a very calming stone so if you find yourself needing some quiet time sit with an amethyst for a minute. Like all crystals, amethyst will raise your energy which is always a good thing in this busy reality. 

   If you didn’t already guess from it’s purple color, amethyst is connected to the third eye chakra. This chakra is the energy center of intuition and spirituality. Having an amethyst around when reading tarot or scrying can really assist you in bringing out your abilities; especially if you are a beginner. Amethyst is also good at balancing the third eye chakra as well. If it is overactive or blocked you can place an amethyst in the middle of your forehead where your third eye is said to reside. I often get headaches due to an overactive third eye and/or ascension symptoms so I will lay in my bed with amethyst on my forehead. A not as well known property of amethyst is its protection abilities. It is said that amethyst can protect your energy by surrounding your energy in a bubble of violet. 

   Amethyst is an abundant crystal that comes from all over the world. It is found in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, the United States, Uruguay, and Zambia. Because amethyst is found pretty much everywhere, it is fairly cheap and easy to find. I have yet to go to a shop without amethyst. So if you’re just getting into crystals this is an easy one to get. The deeper colored ones are usually found in Uruguay so these may be a little more expensive.

   Although I have mentioned a couple already, there are many ways to use your amethyst. First I like to carry mine on me. Carrying an amethyst around is a great way to facilitate peace of mind. I also like to carry my tarot cards around so I keep my amethyst on me if I end up doing an unexpected reading. Amethyst jewelry is also easy to get so you can wear amethyst in style. Another thing I like to do is lay down with it on my third eye if I have a headache. My third eye is prone to getting overactive so amethyst is a life saver for me. I also like to sleep with amethyst under my pillow to ward off nightmares and attract psychic dreams. 

   Amethyst is an essential in any collection because of its versatility and beauty. Amethyst is such a calm yet energetic stone that it gives off such strong vibes. If you are a beginner psychic I strongly recommend you work with amethyst. Amethyst was also my first crystal and now I’m addicted. 


Amethyst Meaning & Healing Properties – Energy Muse


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