The Law of Attraction

   I really don’t know how I have had six weeks of posts out and I haven’t gone over the law of attraction basics. The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts can bring positive or negative experiences to one’s life. The law of attraction can be very powerful when you learn to use it to your advantage. 

   The law of attraction and most other witchy or psychic concepts are based on a philosophy called metaphysics. Some people consider this a science. The idea is that everything vibrates at its own frequency. So the person you are in the future when you have achieved everything you want to probably vibrates at a higher level than the person you are now. So if you vibrate at the level of that higher self then your goals will flow to you. 

   This seems like an easy concept but it is often harder than we think because the reality that we live in has conditioned us to believe that thoughts do not impact our physical life. In this life we are taught to follow rules and play it safe and that nothing can impact us except the actions of ourselves and others. While this is still true we can also impact our lives by shutting off limiting beliefs and thinking positively. What I have found is that the hardest mental block to overcome when manifesting is simply believing that it’s going to work. In order for manifestation to be effective you have to believe in what you are doing. A good way to learn this is to start off by manifesting something small. Once you prove to yourself that this is possible it is much easier to get to the big goals. 

   There are many, many, many, and MANY tactics you can use for manifestation but these are a few that I like. 

  • Affirmations: I do many affirmations in a day including but not limited to: stirring my coffee clockwise while saying my intention, telling myself I have clear skin while I spray my rose water, writing an affirmation on my calendar, having it on my altar, writing an affirmation repeatedly. 
  • Meditation: You can find many meditations to match your intention. By meditating on the intention you are putting your energy into it, therefore it will come faster. 
  • Moon Magick: On my altar you will see my intentions from the new moon and then on full moon I either reap them or release my blocks. 
  • Quantum jumping: This is an easy spell you can do with two cups, paper, pen, and water. First you have one cup full and this cup symbolizes where you are now. Next on a piece of paper write where you want to be. Then put that paper on the second cup and pour the water in. Then drink the water. You have now jumped to the better reality. 
  • Spell Jars: Spell jars are super popular because they are easy to make and carry around with you. They are also very versatile so you can make a spell jar for just about anything. 

   With manifestation, the hardest block is taking down your limiting beliefs so that you can claim your intentions. So when you try to start manifesting you may find yourself feeling called to do shadow work instead or you may get super down on yourself. This is your higher self attempting to push out all of the limiting beliefs that you have been harboring your whole life. This is the most difficult part because it seems like nothing is working and many people give up at this stage. This is all part of the process so keep your eye on the prize and keep manifesting.


2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Thanks this post. I attended an actual school of Metaphysics several years ago and the teachings help change and chart the course of my life. To me, there is no questions that we are in charge, that “nothing is external”. I have had enough “a-ha” moments using the tools of a focused, intentional mind that for the first time in my life, my days show up how I intend them too.

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