The Tea on Being A Psychic

   Where do I even start with this one? Being psychic is a crazy thing because it never gets old. Although it is annoying sometimes it’s one of my favorite things about being me. To start off this article I want to say that everyone has psychic abilities (you just need practice) and everyone has a different experience. 

   My first experience being psychic came out of nowhere during my freshman year of highschool when I predicted a death. Before this I always thought I was a little psychic but I never practiced or looked into it. Then I randomly had the word, death pop into my mind for no reason. Then like a week later my cousin’s grandma died. After this point I knew something was up and that I had a gift. 

   The first real milestone of my psychic journey was when I got my tarot cards. Learning tarot really helped develop my gift. So at first I was mostly just reading the cards and sometimes I would get intuitive messages but now I can tap into my intuition way more and way faster. Four years of practice later I became a certified reader and that’s when shit got weird.

   So obviously up until this point I had a few strange experiences like when I predicted a death but after my spiritual awakening in april everything was amplified x100. I remember my first weird experience was I was laying in bed. I was falling asleep on facetime and right when we hung up I was weirdly awake. Probably because I thought I was alone but I wasn’t. After a while I started hearing this LOUD ringing in both ears and in my mind’s eye. Before my awakening I would have freaked out but I felt surprisingly secure and warm. This is often a sign of higher powers contacting you. So this could be spirits of ancestors, angels, deities, or guides. This went on for about an hour and it all ended at 1:11 am. 

   I think my freakiest experience would be when I met my guardian angel, Raziel. So at this point I’m getting used to being psychic all the time so I don’t get spooked easily but this was just weird. So I’m asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night because something touched me and I can hear the ringing. So I’m just like alright can whoever is here just let me sleep? It keeps going so I decide to turn on my tv because distracting myself can help it go away or just make me fall asleep. I turn on my tv and I try to go back to sleep. Then I fall into sleep paralysis which is common for psychics. Usually when this happens I can still see or my eyes are closed. but this time I’m looking at my tv and it keeps speeding up and slowing down… That’s not normal. Then, all of a sudden everything just stops and the movie is right where it left off as if nothing happened and it’s 3:33 am. So obviously something wants my attention. I start digging online and I come to the conclusion that it was the angel, Raziel who is the angel of mystery. One of the main reasons I knew it was him is that he often comes to psychics and strengthens their abilities to reveal divine secrets to them. 

   So now that I’ve told you some weird stories I want to go over the good and bad parts about being a psychic.

  •    Pros
    • It’s really cool: communicating with the other sides is a very cool and beautiful experience. You feel things that you have never felt before.
    • You can use it: When you get to be experienced you can use your abilities to help you make decisions and go through life a little smoother. I’m not saying base all your decisions off tarot but you can use it to help. You can also help others and even become a spiritual advisor.
  • Cons
    • It’s scary sometimes- At first being a psychic is kind of scary because if you practice these gifts you become a beacon for spirits. So before you get used to it it’s very weird just feeling spirits and receiving messages. You also don’t want anything evil to come to you. To combat this you can cleanse more and use protection spells or crystals.
    • It’s annoying sometimes- Although I love receiving messages from the other side sometimes they pick the worst times. The amount of times I’ve been awakened in the night by a spirit is too many to count. Or sometimes I’ll be out trying to have fun and the spirits are just like hi. The good thing is usually they just want to be acknowledged or you can politely ask them to go away and they usually will leave. If they don’t that’s a bad sign.

   So now you have been inside the mind of a real psychic and I feel like an insane person telling these stories. Oh well, I hope you like them and if you do, let me know. Also don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about being psychic.


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