Hi, I’m Clair

   The clairs. If you have delved into the paranormal or spirituality at all you have probably heard of the clairs. For those who don’t know, the clairs are the five different psychic abilities. If you are a psychic you may have one or even all of them.

   The most well known of the clairs is probably clairvoyance or psychic seeing. This is the ability most depicted in movies and media. This can mean physically seeing spirits like they are there or seeing through the mind’s eye. Many people with this ability have visions, deja vu, and vivid dreams that come true. They are often visual learners and use verbiage like,

  “I see it this way.”

   These people often become visual artists, photographers, decorators, and designers because they like to work with things they can see.

   The next most well known clair is probably clairaudience or psychic hearing. These are the people that hear voices of spirits and get messages through sounds and words. I have a few of these gifts and the best way to explain this one without sounding insane is sometimes I’ll just hear a random word in my mind. It’s not really like anyone outside my body said it but it will just be there. Then soon something will happen that pertains to the word. Some people can actually hear spirits though, it’s just more rare. People with clairaudience are often audible learners and use verbiage like,

   “Well, it sounds like…”

   These people are often musicians, or public speakers because they use the power of spoken words.

   What I think is the most common gift is clairsentience or psychic feeling. These are people who sense the energy in a room. I think that many psychics start off with this gift and then when they start to practice more will emerge. They may also be natural empaths and feel other people’s emotions. These people are the natural healers of the world. They may use verbiage like,

   “I feel…”

   These people often become reiki practitioners, doctors, or counselors.

   Another gift that is more common for beginners is claircognizance or psychic knowing. These people just know stuff for some reason and can predict things before they happen. They will often have deja vu and feel like a situation has happened before. They often use their ability without realizing it. This was one of the first abilities I knew I had because I predicted a death out of nowhere. These people often use verbiage like,

   “I think,” or “I know…”

   These people often become religious leaders, philosophers, or professors.

   A less known and more rare ability is clairalience or psychic smelling. Yep, it’s a real thing. They smell odors with no source which could be from spirits or messages from beyond. For example, they could smell the cigarette smoke of someone deceased. 

   The last clair is clairgustance or psychic taste. These people taste things without a source that could be from spirit. For example, they could taste the cookies their deceased grandmother used to make. 

   These are the clairs and if you think that you have these abilities you may be a developing psychic. You may want to try tarot cards to nurture your gifts. Also don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you are wondering or have questions.




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