Okay I know what you’re thinking… isn’t pyrite just fools gold? Yes! But pyrite is also the most powerful money bringing crystal I’ve used. It’s even more powerful than citrine. Every time I’ve used pyrite I have either gotten a new, higher paying job or gotten random money. The most recent time meditated with pyrite my stepmom randomly gave me $10 (like 5 min later) and then that next week I got a job that pays me way higher than my last one. So if you use pyrite be ready for your world to get a little rocked because although it seems like an easy thing to just hold a crystal and get money, it’s much more than that.

    Pyrite is usually a brassy yellowish color and it is known as fool’s gold because it often occurs at the same time as gold and can look similar. The name comes from the greek word “pyr” meaning fire because it can emit a spark when struck by metal. There is also historical evidence that it was used as a fire started in ancient times. 

   Pyrite can be used in an altar to symbolize earth but it also has a fiery vibe to it because it literally makes fire. It also is able to bring about fast, and bold change which is more of a fire quality. Though it brings rapid change, it keeps it’s reputation as an earth stone because this change is long lasting which is an earth quality. It can help you tap into your own potential, confidence, and persistence to get what you want. Because of all of these qualities pyrite is a great manifestation tool to have in your crystal collection. It is great for bringing higher vibrations to the user so they can set and achieve goals. The color energy of pyrite is gold which represents wealth, power and success. The deity often associated pyrite is persephone because of its potential to inspire growth.

   All in all pyrite is a great crystal to have but be careful with it because it will take you on a ride. I would recommend having a little bit of crystal experience before experimenting with pyrite because it is super powerful. Every time I use it something changes in my life so if you’re not ready for that, start off with citrine or quartz. If you are ready for pyrite, buckle up.

   ~Aivrey, aka the Coffee Witch



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