How I Predicted my Relationship 2 Years in Advance…

I know what you’re thinking… wtf? But I swear this is true. I was just as surprised as you are. This story is about tarot and up until this point I just saw tarot as a party trick. I never thought that I would be able to do things like this until it just happened.

   So this story happened three years ago now. My best friend and I were on a trip to Oklahoma and this is still year one of learning tarot. I brought my cards because the best ways to learn something is to carry it with you everywhere you go. I also knew we were staying at a cabin in the woods so if I was going to get cool readings anywhere, it would be there. 

   It was night 2 of the trip and we were bored so I decided to break out the cards. I had just charged them under the moon the night before so I was ready. Even though we barely had love lives we decided to do my love spread just for fun.

   I don’t remember everything that I got that night but I do remember some key things that really happened. First, it predicted a relationship with a friend. This seemed absurd to me at the time because at the time I had three guy friends and none of them were into me like that. Then it predicted a Christmas romance. Nothing against people who like that stuff but I thought that it was too cheesy for me. The last big thing I remember it saying was that this guy was the one for me. At the time, I barely believed in love in a movie sense so I was like whatever tarot cards. There were more things that came up but I can’t remember them because this was three years ago, these were just the main ones that I remember right now. 

   Fast forward to that coming winter, I am close friends with this guy that I knew a couple years back but he had a girlfriend. Back then I was a little hoe so that didn’t stop me. I know it’s so wrong now but back then I didn’t care, I wanted him so bad. He was the first guy I had ever really liked so of course I’m going to be a little crazy. It also didn’t help that we had three classes together in school and were becoming close friends. Christmas was coming around and I had just done that reading a couple months prior so I got to thinking,

“what if he is the one that the cards were talking about?”

As Christmas got closer, the sexual tension only got thicker until finally we kissed but it didn’t end up working out. I was heartbroken, not only because this was my first heartbreak but because I got my hopes up that the cards were right. I thought that I had just ruined the love of my life. 

   Three months later, I am on a school trip to New York City. At this point, most of the girls on this trip hate me because of the situation with the first guy so I am friends with more of the guys. They invite me to hang out in the hotel gym with them and I bust through the doors all loud and confident expecting to only see my usual guy friends there but there is one more. A blonde, a few months younger with bright blue eyes. His name was Colton and I had heard of him because he was super talented and got moved onto our newspaper staff early. I had imagined him as nerdy and probably weird (nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I was into)… I was wrong, he was the cutest boy in the gym and I was now friends with him. Throughout the trip we talked a little bit and became friends but again, there was another girl. All of the seniors decided to play matchmaker and try to force him and this one girl to date so I held off on making any moves this time. I also learned my lesson from my last crush and decided to not be the other woman. Instead I decided to join the matchmaker game because it was an excuse to hang out with him, even if I couldn’t have him. 

   Time goes by, Summer ends and it is time for a new school year. At this point I have worked my way up to becoming the chief of photography for all the publications and my friend Colton decided he was going to join photography. I saw him on the first day of school and he had a glow up over the summer and he was single. Sounds like a win to me, I just gotta get him to like me as more than a friend now. Nothing really happened for the first couple months except me making excuses to hang out with him and stealing a hug every once in a while but I didn’t have much hope so I started talking to someone else.

    Fast forward to November 9, 2019 (yes I remember the date) I had signed up to take pictures of the swim team and guess who else signed up. This is Colton and I’s first time taking pictures and hanging out not in a group. The instant we started driving, there was a vibe. We also both have flirty personalities so that made it even more fun. We also felt safe around each other for some reason and we were sharing details of our lives that we normally wouldn’t which only made me like him more. Originally I had only planned to take pictures with him that morning but later I was going to hang out with some friends. I ended up inviting Colton because he knew these people too. We ended up spending the whole day together but that night I had a date with the guy I was actually talking to. The date was a concert date so I was hoping that I would forget about Colton and have a good time with the other guy but no. All I could think about was Colton. 

Colton and I keep hanging out and we both are obviously into each other but we’re at that weird point where one person has to ruin the friendship. I had already tried to kiss him once but he got scared so I am running out of moves to make. We had plans to hang out on a Monday but his parents ended up making him stay home. My other friend (guy) invites me over and I decide that I’m going to use him to make Colton jealous. Yes I know it’s wrong but it works out in the end. When I first get to my friend’s house I’m still texting Colton but then later I stop texting him because I may or may not be making out with the other guy. Because Colton isn’t stupid he obviously knows that I’m probably kissing someone that isn’t him. I leave my friends house and I’m back to texting Colton and he said he missed me. Then he asked me if I wanted to know a secret. Then he finally admitted his feelings and I admitted mine and we started dating that next day on Tuesday November 19, 2019.

   Now that you have read this long and probably unnecessary story let’s go back to the cards. So the first key point was that I would fall for a friend. Before we got together, Colton and I became close friends and had an insane bond from the first time we hung out. The next thing they said was the Christmas romance. I haven’t gotten this far yet but our relationship didn’t start getting super heated and romantic until Christmas. I remember the day I really fell in love with him was the day after Christmas. Lastly, the cards said this would be the love of my life. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that a year later we are still very much in love. 

   Now that I have spilled my whole love life to the whole internet, I hope that you can see the power of tarot. Once you get good at it, you can predict specific events in people’s lives. I didn’t realize that I had predicted my relationship until after it happened and I actually did a spread the day that we admitted our feelings. The cards basically said, buckle up. Shit’s about to go down. 


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