Green Witchcraft

   Probably one of the most well known and popular paths to follow, green witchery is a great thing for beginners and veterans alike. To be a green witch means being a plant mom and a healer. Obviously it means more than that but the general principle is having tons of greenery and being the wise woman and healer of the coven or community. 

   In old witchcraft, there are always legends of the witchy woman living “over the hedge” or outside the kingdom. She usually lived in the forest and was considered an outcast because of her fringe beliefs and strange health concoctions. This is why green witches can also be referred to as hedge witches as they came from an ancestry of women living “over the hedge.” This woman was mysterious because nobody really saw her and only the brave and the desperate used her medicine. 

   Nowadays this information is not as mystical and mysterious as there are herbal medicine clinics open to the public. Natural medicine is also seeing a comeback as more people would like to get away from the chemical and artificial world we live in. This is one reason why green witchery is so popular right now. Another reason is the plant mom culture dominating social media and honestly I’m here for it. So many people are using plants as decor inside and outside right now and even if they don’t classify themselves as green witches, this popular aesthetic is allowing more beginners to find the green witch path. The hedge witch stereotype is honestly being praised right now as well with more people wanting to live “over the hedge.” With the cottagecore trend along with van lifers, it is becoming less of a requirement to live in a house in the suburbs. There is also a new culture starting that doesn’t praise having the biggest and most expensive things. Don’t get me wrong, this will always happen because humans have egos; also I would love to live in a mansion with a lamborghini and wear red bottoms so I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad. Anyways, there is a new sub culture rising that praises sustainability, and being grateful for what you have. This then makes people more open to living a unique “over the hedge” life out in nature. 

   The stereotype with green witches is that all they do is like plants but that is not the case. Yes, they are the plant people but they are much more than that. They are wise healers who are changing the world one propagation at a time. Not only do they have a lot of plants but they also learn about their mystical and medicinal properties. Don’t even get me started on herbal and plant magick because that is such an expansive topic. These witches aren’t afraid to tackle this along with doing divination, manifestation, and more. They also do a lot of Earth related magick and are very grounded people. They find a connection to the divine within the Earth and by growing plants! So not only do they have the power of knowledge but they have a very strong divine energy. So don’t fuck with the green witches. 

   So how can you become a green witch?

  • Grow Plants: I’m pretty sure this one is kind of obvious but the best way to become a green witch is to grow plants. Green witches also usually talk with their plants. According to them it helps them grow and they enjoy having a bond with them. They will also do this thing where they have a plant to symbolize each of their friends and they will talk to them and watch over them. If one of the plants starts struggling they will know to check in on that friend.
  • Use Pantry Herbs: Although this borders on kitchen witchery, it is hard to only be one type of witch. Also I think it’s wrong to put us in a box because we are so complex, so feel free to mix in elements from different paths into yours. Anyways, even if you aren’t technically growing the herbs yourself you’re still learning herbal magick this way. Even just cooking with herbs will help you foster a connection to the Earth. You can also grow herbs or get them from your local metaphysical shop but the ones from the grocery store are just as powerful. 
  • Spend Time in Nature: This one honestly goes for all witches because we are all connected to nature but green witches are especially close to nature because they choose to nurture it in their home. Nature is very calming and grounding so go walk in the grass barefoot or lay under a tree and just sit quietly. What does nature want to tell you today?
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: If you live in the city, you may not think that being a green witch is for you. The truth is you just have to look out your window and work with what you got. Maybe there is a tree in your backyard calling your name or maybe your town has a network of parks and trails. If nothing else, a yard or patio always has potential to be a garden. So don’t give up if you don’t live in a forest cottage because most of the green witches I know live in the city. 
  • Look into Earth Deities and Legends: If you are into deity work and you want to get into green witchcraft, start researching Earth deities like Gaia, or Yemaya and if it is meant to be they will come to you. If you are not into deity work or just want to learn more, you can research the ancient legends surrounding the Earth, life, and creation. 
  • Green Altar: You can incorporate the Earth’s energy into your altar by adding plants to it, using Earth related crystals, or even incorporating green and brown into your decor. 


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Learning Green Witchcraft – Where to Begin? – Sarah Fawn Empey


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