Ancient Aliens

   Let me get my tinfoil hat real quick before I start… That’s better. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for aliens but I just can’t resist doing another post on them. I am fascinated with conspiracy theories, aliens, paranormal stuff, and even cryptozoology. So it’s probably no surprise that I became a witch. Anyways the show, Ancient Aliens is on Netflix right now and I forgot how much I love looking into aliens and the paranormal until now. So what does ancient history have to say about ancient aliens?

   The first civilization was the Sumerians and they were located in modern day Iraq. These ancient people were flourishing and they had a strange amount of knowledge on astronomy, farming, math, and they had an advanced language. The calendars we use today actually originated in Sumer and they somehow knew that Pluto existed. They also had a complex religion of many gods, and goddesses. According to the Sumerians, each city was guarded by a god, gods lived among men, and humans served the gods. Because of this religion and knowledge many people think that the gods were actually extra terrestrials. According to a tablet from 5,000 BC there were human-like beings that ruled the Earth. They would travel in the sky and dig in the ground to make it fertile.

   Some people think that the Sumerians didn’t just communicate with aliens but that they were part alien. In 1976 Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book called “The Twelfth Planet” where he translated the ancient tablets from Sumer. Their gods were known as the annunaki and according to Sitchin they were actually aliens from the planet Nibiru. Then Earth was created when Nibiru got pulled into our solar system by gravity, collided with another planet, and that broken piece of Nibiru became Earth. Later, Nibiru started to run low on gold and they needed gold for their technology so the Annunauki came to Earth. They met the prehistoric human and created a species that was part human, part alien. These are supposedly modern day humans or what was known as the Sumerians. It is also worth noting that the farthest we have traced back human DNA goes to a woman working at a gold mine 100,000 years ago. Eventually the annunaki left the humans but not without giving them knowledge and a civilization. This theory explains why they seemed to just pop up out of nowhere. Sitchin also met with astronomer from the Naval Observatory, Dr. Robert Harrington and their evidence coincided. Harrington also had evidence that pointed to a tenth planet they believed to be Nibiru. 

   The Sumerians were also very advanced technically which was shown in their artifacts. There have been clay pot batteries recovered and a flyable model airplane. Like many other cultures, they had unexplainably precisely cut stones at their structures. Some artifacts like this would be hard to replicate even today. There were also drawings of rockets, planes, and helicopters. 

   This is just some general evidence of one ancient civilization. There is TONS of more evidence from all over the world of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. Even if you are a complete skeptic I guarantee that I can find at least one story that will make you question. I have a slight alien obsession as you can probably tell so let me know if you want to see more alien related content. 

The Role of Sumerian Aliens on Humanity – Annunaki .org

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