Soul Connections

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected or like you already know them? You may have a soul connection. There are many types of soul connections but the main three are soulmates, twin flames, and karmic relationships. Each of these connections are different and provide unique experiences. 

   First I want to go over soulmates because these are the most known of the connections. A misconception is that you only get one soulmate and that you two are destined to be together. This is not true. Most of us have many soulmates and these can be platonic, romantic, familial etc. Soulmates often come and go but they do have potential to be lasting relationships. Soulmates come into our lives for a greater purpose. This could be to teach a lesson, bring self realization, romantic love etc. One way to tell if someone is a soulmate is that they are a little different than most people you gravitate towards. This could mean that they aren’t your type or maybe you found someone just like you. Another way to detect a soulmate connection is that they feel like home. You have probably met this person in a past life or they are in your soul family (no, they are not blood related to you) so they have a comforting and familiar presence. When spending time with a soulmate, both of your vibrations rise. Because of this, these connections are known to speed up your journey for better or for worse. People might say that you have changed and they are right. The most important thing about your soulmate though is that they help you find your life’s purpose. This connection changes you, tests you, and takes you on a journey. 

   Next is twin flames. Twin flame relationships are the highest vibrational connection because these two people compliment each other so well. Twin flames symbolize the complimentary energies in the universe. For example dark and light, feminine and masculine, yin and yang etc. When they are put together the vibration is so high because their energies belong together. They vibrate so high that they are able to transcend their current realities for great manifestation. Twin flames come together for a higher purpose on a universal scale. These two people are destined to change the world for the better and they will do great things together. It is said that they are two halves of the same soul that have been wandering the universe for lifetimes and then when they finally find each other there is a high energy between them. When finding a twin flame it’s likely that they just stumble upon each other. This is because fate is just pushing them together. 

   Finally there is the karmic relationship. These are the relationships that you get into to learn the hard lessons. This person is probably in your soul family and you probably knew each other in a past life so there is a connection and magnetism there. The relationship feels destined because it is. These relationships usually bring on negative emotions and they can be abusive and controlling. This is because the universe is putting you through this experience to pay back karmic debt or so you can learn about yourself and become stronger. You and this person could even have unfinished business from a past life that you are hashing out now. These relationships are a selfish and addictive kind of love which makes them hard to leave and sets the stage for future abuse. The emotions are also high and aggressive. Jealousy and manipulation are also very common. To undo a karmic bond you must learn to let go of your fears, gain self love and respect, learn to express your emotions, and set boundaries. If you have a deep seated fear of love then you will continue to attract the wrong people. Then if you don’t love yourself how can you love someone else? I see this lack of self love put so many people in abusive or manipulative relationships so please before you try to love someone, love yourself. Then if you don’t know how to express emotions in a constructive way you will fall in the same cycle of abuse where you and your partner just take turns abusing each other. This relationship is a soul contract so you are destined to get into it but the good news is these relationships do come to an end so that you can go on to find your soulmate or twin flame. 

   So those are the main three soul bonds. There are more that are more specific and nuanced but these are the general ones. Paying attention to these types of relationships have helped me evaluate why I got into certain relationships, who those people were to me, and why they didn’t work out. If you are getting into a relationship and want to know if it is destiny look for signs like repeating numbers, heightened intuition, seeing familiar signs as this can be your guides telling you to get into this relationship. 


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