How the World Works

   Do you ever feel like you need some kind of cheat code for life? Or you just don’t know how to get where you want to be? You may be accidentally self sabotaging yourself by working against the universe. This human life is a lot like a video game without a practice level. In order to work with the universe and level up in this game there are 12 laws that can guide you in the right direction; these are known as the 12 natural laws of the universe.

  1. The law of divine oneness: This law is simply stating that we all came from the same source which means that we are all connected. This concept is not limited to just people but it also states that we are connected to nature. Think about that salad you are eating for lunch. Someone had to grow the veggies, then it went to the store, then you found it, and now it is nourishing you. We are nothing without nature and others around us. The law of divine oneness also applies to time. The past, present, and future have already happened, however we can only experience the present. So that thing you’re anxious about? Yeah, it already happened and you survived. So don’t think of your future self as someone else. You are one. Breaking this block and integrating your future self with the present will kickstart your manifestations. This law also explains the butterfly effect because it shows the connection between everything. Going back to how we are all from the same source, this law states that we are all divine energy so use your powers for the bettering of our world.
  2. The law of vibration: This law says that everything is vibrating at its own frequency. This is where we get the concept of raising our vibration. Because my future self and I are one, I just need to vibrate on her level to reach my full potential. These vibrations carry energy so our goal as “humans” (divine beings experiencing earth) is to match our vibration to that of the universal flow. Or at least try because it’s a lot harder that it sounds. Nothing is ever at rest. Even when you are asleep you are not truly at rest because you are vibrating at the frequency of your dreams. If this is too abstract, think about the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. The solid table that I am working on is in fact moving because no particles are ever still, we just can’t see the vibrations with human eyes.
  3. The law of correspondence: This law is very important for manifestation and it relates to the law of oneness. What this law basically tells us is that our inner world reflects our outer world/how we perceive our life. So if you have a negative outlook on life, you will manifest bad things. But if you have a high vibration and a positive outlook, good things will happen to you. Think of your physical reality like a mirror of your soul and psyche. The problem I have with this law though is that it can encourage toxic positivity. Even if you have a high vibration you are still going to experience negative emotions because it’s part of the human experience. Just because you get sad sometimes doesn’t mean you are going to have a bad life. All you have to do is allow yourself to experience this feeling and then it should pass. 
  4. The law of attraction: This is the law that we all know and I have explained it in detail but today let’s simplify it. The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like. This is why we raise our vibration to that of what we want to attract. Has anyone said to you that your friends are who you are? This is a perfect example of “like attracts like.” This law also states our power to manifest. I feel like this law and the concept of manifestation are kind of a compilation of many of the universal laws. The law of attraction and manifestation is how we can start to apply the other laws. This law doesn’t mean that we can make things appear at will from thin air but it sets us up to work towards goals, find opportunities, and raise our vibration. You also have to give back to the universe as you manifest. Whether you are simply giving thanks or going on a mission trip to build houses in Africa you must give back. By giving and expressing gratitude you are also raising your vibration which will in turn help you attract more. If you give to the universe it will provide and give back. 
  5. The law of inspired action: This law is a good follow up for the law of attraction because it makes you responsible for taking the correct actions towards what you want. It teaches us to take inspiration from our goals and create a game plan to achieve it. This doesn’t mean that you have to know a concrete plan from the very beginning. Sometimes it shows us where to start and then we will realize the next steps as we go. A great example is this blog. I just wanted a side hustle but I had no idea I would be making my own website. I also have a plan for the future of “The Coffee Witch” but it is still rough and I’m sure I’ll find new twists and turns as I go. One of the best ways to kickstart this process is to visualize and write down what you want. You could make a vision board, journal, or I just made a google doc. When doing this you also have to pay attention to what you are willing to do. If you have lofty goals but you are not willing to take the steps to get there then you need to re-evaluate. The other thing you must do is stay driven and not fall for limiting beliefs. If you believe in yourself and put in the words you will get something out of it.
  6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: This law states that everything is in motion. Energy is always changing and evolving. A good example of this is when you are in a good mood but then you get around someone in a bad mood and it changes your mood. These “moods” are manifestations of our energy so whenever your mood changes your energy has transmuted. With practice you can gain more control over this.
  7. The law of cause and effect: This law is one that is ingrained to us even if we aren’t spiritual. We learn it in physics with Newton’s laws and we learn it in childhood when we learn consequences. It states that for every action there is a consequence.
  8. The law of compensation: This is very similar to the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction because it states that everything comes back to you. In eastern beliefs this is karma. So if you wrongly hex someone you are going to have some bad juju coming your way. It is the same way if you use your magick to help others except this time you can expect good energy to flow your way
  9. The law of relativity: This law states that everything is neutral. This is a concept that is foreign to many people because we are taught that there is always a good and an evil; a right and a wrong. But this is not true because everything is a concept and everything is subjective. Things only become not neutral when compared to others. A good example is if you compare yourself to the night stalker you seem like a great person; but if you compare yourself to someone like Einstein you would be considered stupid. So things only become good or bad when compared to others. With this law you have to learn to see the world from multiple perspectives. You may see yourself as stupid if all your friends are doctors but in reality you’re neutral and so are they. By using a wider lens to view a problem you can think of the best way to solve it.
  10. The law of polarity: This law states that everything has an opposite. So where there is bad there is good. This law teaches us that even if it seems like your life is going downhill, it can’t go downhill forever because the opposite of down is up. The only other way from rock bottom is up. This law can also give comfort in the stressful world we live in today because it seems like there is a lot of evil in the world but this law tells us that there is also a lot of good. 
  11. The law of rhythm: This law states that everything is a cycle. A good example of this is nature. There are seasons, the moon cycle, the tides, day and night, etc. It also states that nothing is permanent. You may be in a dark night of the soul but you will get out of it, you just have to undergo the necessary changes to break the cycle. This law teaches us to live in the present and let go because everything is always changing. You can’t hold onto the past because the universe never stops moving. Change comes naturally if you allow it. 
  12. The law of gender: There are two types of energies in this world: masculine and feminine. Our challenge is to balance these energies within us. If there is an imbalance it causes immediate problems in life that manifest very quickly. I’m sure you know someone that you consider a “workaholic” this is because they have an overactive divine masculine. Or if you’ve met someone who is crying 24/7 this is because they have an overactive divine feminine. 


12 Natural Laws of the Universe & What They Mean –


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