If you are here I’m assuming you’re probably a Leo because y’all love attention. Kidding, but an article on Leos is like bait for Leos. Anyways, what does it mean to be a Leo? Leos are:

  • Passionate
  • Strong
  • Brave 
  • Dominant
  • Confident
  • Determined
  • Leaders

   The birthdates for Leos are July 23 to August 22. If you were born on these dates it means that the sun was passing through the constellation, Leo on your birthday. Leo is also ruled by the sun. The sun’s energy here is what gives you your fiery personality, confidence, and leadership qualities. This is because the sun is the giant ball of fire that leads our solar system and it is always seen. Here on earth there is no way to escape the sun and this is why Leo’s like attention so much… We can’t escape you and you know it.

   Leo is also a fixed sign. This means that y’all are one of the more stubborn zodiac signs and your personality is pretty stable. You are how you are and that’s it. This is also a quality of the sun because it is constantly burning and it is always there. If the moon told the sun to stop burning it would look at it like it was crazy. That’s how you are. If anyone told you to stop being you, you would flip them the bird and walk away.

    Leo is also a fire sign (what a shocker). This means that you are passionate, bold, and brave. If anyone pisses you off, they should be scared. This is because you are so passionate and bold. When you feel something, you feel it in your bones. So whether it’s a burning anger or a burning love, you know how you feel. 

   You are represented by a lion because you are brave, strong, and dominant. You bring “king of the jungle” energy to the table. To get even more specific, you are actually represented by the Greek myth of “The Nemean Lion.” In this legend, the lion terrorizes the near villages and it cannot be killed by any mortal weapons. Eventually, the king sends Hercules to kill the lion and he does it with the help of Athena. Although the lion was the villain of the story, he still harbors all of the Leo traits. As long as you decide to use these traits for good no Hercules can kill you. Leos are actually known for using these traits to do great things for them and those around them. We see this in famous Leos like Demi Lovato, Barack Obama, and J.K. Rowling.


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