Valentines Gifts for the Witch in Your Life

Valentines gifts for your witchy S.O.

   Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day is a time for endless chocolate and love. Whether you are dating someone or just practicing self love, here are some fun gifts for your witchy friend or more than friend.

  • Chocolate box with a twist: This gift has been all over social media lately and it is a chocolate box with crystals instead of chocolate. My boyfriend actually got me this last year and I was absolutely in love with it (and him if you were wondering). All you need is any size chocolate box and crystals to fill it. My boyfriend actually did half the box with crystals and half with chocolate which was perfect for me. So get creative with it and have fun. 
  • Rose quartz: This one is a classic because rose quartz is the stone of love. It’s also a pretty common crystal which makes it easy to buy. It even comes in all shapes and sizes. You can also get it on jewelry and they will for sure wear it every day. 
  • Tarot Deck: If one thing is for sure, witches who read tarot will never have enough decks. The tarot cards also seem to love discussing love. There is a card that is literally called “The Lovers.” Fun fact tarot cards have predicted my whole love life. If you want to get real creative you can get a tapestry of “The Lovers” for them to hang up in their home. 
  • Pink and Red candles: One gift that never goes wrong is candles. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t like candles. More specifically pink and red candles are used in love, attraction, and sex magick. If you are trying to have a wholesome valentines with a spark of love and attraction go for pink. Pink is the color of true love, we use pink candles when we want to attract “the one.” If you want a more sexy and passionate night, get red. Red is the color of passion, sex, lust, and of course love. If you really want to turn up the heat, get a Venus candle.

   If you are stumped on what to get your witchy friend or partner for Valentines day I hope this helped you. I guarantee you they will love any of these gifts. We love it when we get witchcraft inspired gifts because it shows that you are thoughtful and it validates us. One of the hardest parts of being a witch is the people trying to deny your practice and not accepting us for what we are. So when you get us a gift like this it warms our hearts.


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