Mother Thyself

Hey everyone, So I’m supposed be writing a piece on healing mother wounds for some reason but I don’t really feel like writing that so I’m not going to. This may be a dumb idea and if it is oh well it’s not like too many people will read this anyway but I just wantContinue reading “Mother Thyself”

When the Fat Bowl Sings

   Singing bowls are a very beautiful and effective way to incorporate music into your meditation practice. There is a bowl for every frequency and the vibes they put out are immaculate. Singing bowls are rising in popularity due to meditation becoming a more mainstream practice and I am here for it.    A singing bowl isContinue reading “When the Fat Bowl Sings”

The Spiritual Side of Meditation

 Previously, we went over the science behind meditation and why it is so great for the brain. I personally started meditating because of the spiritual benefits and I feel like most people get started because of spirituality. So today, if the science didn’t already convince you to start meditating then the spirituality sure will.   IfContinue reading “The Spiritual Side of Meditation”

The Science of Meditation

Meditation is a word of many different connotations depending on the person. For me, meditation is like an escape into my own inner world but if you asked my boyfriend he would have a very different answer. No matter what your opinion on meditation is, you can’t deny that it has been scientifically proven toContinue reading “The Science of Meditation”