Never Ever Give Up

 Although I have focused on witchcraft on the blog so far, there’s a reason why I call myself “The Coffee Witch.” Let’s not forget that I love coffee. Because I have a platform now, I think it is important to highlight small businesses. That is why I decided to feature my favorite coffee shop, GroundsContinue reading “Never Ever Give Up”

The Tea on Being A Psychic

   Where do I even start with this one? Being psychic is a crazy thing because it never gets old. Although it is annoying sometimes it’s one of my favorite things about being me. To start off this article I want to say that everyone has psychic abilities (you just need practice) and everyone has aContinue reading “The Tea on Being A Psychic”

Cool Witchy Depop Find!

 When picking an outfit, how do you make it fab instead of drab? You probably reach for some cool accessories. On a new buying and selling app called Depop many young people are starting to sell handmade wearable items. What sets Depop apart from other selling apps is that most of the people on itContinue reading “Cool Witchy Depop Find!”