Love Rocks

   With Valentine’s day coming up on sunday, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama that comes with love and life. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s no way you can resist the allure of crystals. So if you’re looking for a little extra love this Valentine’s day these stones will keep you satisfied.Continue reading “Love Rocks”

Ascension Symptoms

   Recently, The Great Conjunction happened and it affected me so much. It put our world in 3 new cycles, one being the 5d shift. When these shifts happen, they affect your body and mind. It also hits way harder if you are spiritually woke and if you read this blog you will probably relate toContinue reading “Ascension Symptoms”

Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft

Being a witch is hard. I love it and it’s my passion but sometimes it takes a lot of my energy. If you feel tired of the craft it’s okay to take a break for a little bit. Before my break I thought that taking a break was so stupid. I thought that it wouldContinue reading “Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft”