“I totally freaked him out!”

   Everyone goes through a broom closet phase as a baby witch. Maybe you don’t know exactly who you are yet or maybe your family just isn’t cool with witchcraft. When you finally choose to come out of the broom closet it can be really freeing and fun but there are definitely awkward moments. As someone who talks about spirituality and witchcraft on the internet I have had my fair share of awkward moments. 

   The one moment that gave me the idea for this article is the fact that one of the guys I work with found the @venusianvvitches tiktok. I don’t really share much of myself at work, I just get in and get out so most of the people there don’t really know much about me. So I see that he likes my video and it’s a more normal comedy video about weed hangovers so I don’t think much of it. So a few days go by and I go to work and he comes up to me and he asks me if I’m a witch. So I confirm that I am indeed a witch, again not thinking much about it. Then probably an hour later he comes by and he asks me,

   “So do you like… kill people and stuff?”

   And because I’m a smartass I say,

   “No but that sounds kinda fun!” 

   I said it very sarcastically but I totally freaked him out. I still think it’s funny to this day and now me being a witch is our little inside joke. 

    Fast forward to when Cadence and I were creating the topics for each week, we decided we wanted to go over being in the broom closet/ when to reveal ourselves. Over time we’ve been learning that we don’t need to always be telling people we’re witches. I think that when you first start it’s so exciting and you just want to share it but I’ve found that a lot of people either don’t understand what you mean or just ignore it all together. 

   I feel like being a witch or spiritual individual is hard for some people to understand. Although we are a lot more accepted today than in history, people still have such a closed mind. When you decide to awaken you get tons of downloads of information from the other side and you start to experience the depths of feelings that this universe has to offer. Naturally you want to share this gift but you start to realize that many people around you don’t know what it means to be spiritual in this way. As you talk you feel like you sound delusional and it gets disheartening after a while. So if you know someone who recently went through a spiritual awakening at least try to listen to what they have to say. Even if you think that it’s all bullshit, to them it’s something beautiful. Also who knows, maybe their words will be the key to unlocking your own gifts. 

   The other annoying/awkward people I have encountered are what I’m going to call the deniers. I think these people are hands down the most annoying because they don’t just not understand you but they make the choice to actively ignore your new identity. Let me explain, I am from the south so most of the people around me are Christian. First of all, nothing wrong with being Christian. I have literally met Jesus while meditating and he’s a cool guy that did exist. Anyways many of y’all are more close minded than you think. You have been conditioned to believe one thing and not even give other ideas a thought. It’s not all your fault because your upbringing and society accepts this behavior but now that it’s 2022 and these thought processes have to go. I have been witchy on the down low for years but I didn’t have a full on awakening until 2020 and to this day I have family members that act like this is just a phase. Like one day I’m going to wake up and go to church and have the average American life like everyone else. If you’re reading this, I hate to burst your bubble. It’s not going to happen. Whenever you try to tell this person anything spirituality related or “come out” to them they don’t get mad or react in any way but instead they either try to change the subject or just say things like “cool” or “okay” to get you to stop talking. 

   Both of these types of people are frustrating to spiritualists but it’s especially sad for baby witches and newly awakened people because they don’t know their identity yet. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve taken the time to create my self concept and fight my demons, interactions like this don’t really bother me; but a couple years ago this would get me so pissed off. What if their newfound spirituality was something really vulnerable for them and you just squashed it. It could slow their progression or possibly convince them to go back to sleep if these opinions get affirmed enough times. Imagine you just won an award and this award is so important to you and you worked so hard for it. Then you decide to show it to your friend and let them hold it and they just drop it and it shatters. This is how it feels when we get the cold shoulder. Especially when we’re new to the practice. 

   Obviously I have ranted about how both of these people are dangerous to baby witches but I think the denier is the worst because they invalidate everything important to you and it’s honestly on purpose. It’s almost manipulative because it’s kind of a form of gaslighting. It’s like they want you to feel crazy because that’s how they see you. They want you to feel like you’re going insane so that you’ll come down to their level. These people vibrate in the 3d and they will probably never understand anything beyond this material plane. It seems like they have this image of you before you were awake and they project this on to you because it satisfies them and their views on the world. I wonder if anyone ever told them about Thomas who doubted Jesus really resurrected. Thomas doubted Jesus because he thought it was impossible for him to come back from the dead. Plot twist Jesus did come back and he sparked the whole astrological age of Pisces and changed the world as we know it today. So If you’re a doubter think about this story the next time your spiritual friend opens their mouth. 

   You will probably encounter a lot of sleeping people and deniers in your life because mosquitoes are attracted to the light. I know it’s awkward and you just want to spread your light so just stay persistent. As time goes on you will learn the time and place to share your gifts. You will also develop a sense of people who are ready. One last note to the sleepers and deniers, I know your reactions aren’t necessarily your fault but it’s annoying. So maybe in the future you should be a little more self aware of how you treat people who are different than you. To my fellow spirituals, not let them steal your light by invalidating you and gaslighting you about your bigger life purpose.  They are just jealous.


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