Apotropaic Magick

   How do you protect your energy? Maybe you use incense or tourmaline. Protecting your energy and aura are one of the most important acts so why wouldn’t you extend that to your space. 

   For thousands of years, people have been unknowingly doing protective witchcraft in their home. Oftentimes they were even trying to keep witches out specifically. Little did they know they were doing a form of witchcraft themselves. This is known as “apotropaic” magick which is just a fancy word for protective magick. Some examples of apotropaic objects would be the horseshoe above the door or hidden animal skulls. There are also apotropaic symbols like pentagrams or crosses. So if you’ve ever worn a cross necklace or put garlic on your porch for Halloween… Congratulations, you have done witchcraft. 

   So now that we’ve covered some unintentional witchcraft, how can this be done intentionally? One of the easiest ways is to look up some folklore and place apotropaic symbols and objects around your home. Doing any type of magick is about directing energy and everyone’s energy is completely individual so look into folklore that you relate to. For example I have Italian in my family so I like to look to Roman myths when I do magick.

   Apotropaic symbols are only scratching the surface of protective magick. The possibilities for protective magick are endless. As you gain experience you will soon find yourself making up your own spells and methods. I find that when I create my own spells they’re much stronger than when I follow someone else’s recipe. This is because like I said earlier, everyone’s energy is individual. So when I create my own recipes they pack a punch because by creating my own methods I am injecting more energy into the spell. That’s why instead of simply giving you a spell to try today I am going to give you some common ingredients and methods so you can find what will work for your home and lifestyle. 




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