For Now We’re Bewitched

   As a young girl I was OBSESSED with “The Wizard of Oz.” I was absolutely convinced that my nana was Glinda the good witch and one day she was going to show me a secret door in her house to the emerald city. My favorite Disney Channel show was “Wizards of Waverly Place” and I spent my birthday money on a wand that matched Alex’s so that I could keep it in my boot. Little did I know how much all the magical shows and movies I watched would shape me. 

   Being in this new generation of witches I feel like we are very influenced by the witches we saw on the big screen. Before we knew that we could become one of them, they were our escape. For some reason we could relate to them, even though they were only a mirage from a screen. 

   For the dark part of the year I want to take a dive into the world of witches on screen. Not only have onscreen witches been a big influence on me but I think this will be a fun refresh from the pastel look we had this Summer. I also feel like the dark part of the year encompasses all of the iconic witchy topics so why not appreciate iconic witches in the process.

   Out of all the witches on screen, my favorite has to be Samantha Stevens from “Bewitched.” Not only is she hilarious but she really changed the narrative for how witches were portrayed by the media, there is even a statue of her in Salem. I also have an obsession with the 1960’s and 70’s so we love the vibes. If you haven’t watched “Bewitched” you have to… you’ll be obsessed. Anyways, I also think that Samantha is a great role model because not only does she do her magic for good but she also makes mistakes and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. These qualities make her super relatable and real so expect to see a lot of her this season. She is the reason people don’t think we have green warts on our faces.

   Let’s step inside a fantasy world of riding broom sticks and stirring cauldrons. Let go of expectations and worries of the human experience. For now we’re all powerful. For now we’re bewitched.


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