Now that we have popped on our lip gloss and bathed in the deep waters of Venus it is time to exit this world and create space for something new. Soon the days will shorten and we’ll have to remove our rose colored heart shaped sunglasses. Even still we will listen to the voice of the goddess within us and follow the flow of feminine energy. While feminine energy is about creating, we also have the ability to destroy. So as the trees and vibrant summer flowers wilt to rest, remember the power within you. Just because the wheel of fortune we live on is turning doesn’t mean you have to forget everything we have experienced together. 

   We hope that this summer you learned a little more about who you are and what it is like to experience being you. We hope that you saw a little bit of the effect that you have on this universe. We hope you felt divine feminine energy flow through you and that you were able to share it. 

   Feminine energy covers a full spectrum from destruction to bliss. I think that’s why it’s so hard to define. Although I’ve spent this whole summer writing about feminine energy I still cannot fully define it. I can describe it but it quickly turns into artful prose but maybe that’s the beauty of it. Like art, it does not have one interpretation. So to describe it it’s almost like you can’t describe it. For example if you asked Cadence and I to describe feminine energy you’d get two very different answers. Same thing if you asked two people in a museum if they liked Monet. Some would be like me and adore the water lilies and some would think it looks like a two year old painted it. So no matter how many stories I write I don’t think I will ever be able to truly define feminine energy but that’s honestly part of what makes it so special. 

   So what puts you in a feminine bliss? Is it bubble baths, is it caring for others? Whatever it is, do it until you can’t do it anymore. For me it’s writing these stories for you because when I create I am at my best. This type of bliss is what gets us primed for manifesting our dream life so no matter how cliche or basic just do what you like and put your mind at ease. 

   So to close out this season, first I want to invite you to buckle up for what the future has in store because we have big plans; but I also want you to savor this moment. No matter if you’re reading this from your desk or your bed just take a deep breath and we can channel the goddess together. Doesn’t that feel good? Now you’re ready to take on today and be your best self. You never know what you may create. 


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