Just Be

   “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller once said. In today’s society this quote only becomes more relevant. Between social media and simply surviving it’s easy to miss the details that make life worthwhile. 

   To make it in today’s world we are always required to be moving; or to put it in a less nice way, working. We get up, get ready, maybe have coffee, work, go to bed, get paid, spend money we don’t have, then do it all again. It’s just a vicious cycle from month to month. How nice would it be if we could just be?

   As of right now, we are experiencing the onset of the age of aquarius. We’re just in the beginning so we haven’t made it to the pretty part where our society is integrated. The reason it is taking us so long to get where we need to be is that aquarian society is much different than what we have going now. First of all, everyone is equal. What a concept right? Anyways, do I even need to go over this or have you doom scrolled enough to figure out that we aren’t really seen as equal. Another thing that we haven’t mastered yet is the level of innovation. Aquarius as a sign is all about change so it makes sense that an aquarian society is all about innovation. Most jobs are done by robots so humans don’t have to work or at least not as much. This seems super far fetched but by the time the age of aquarius sets in humans will have expanded their consciousness so that the problems of today seem small and are ultimately deleted. 

   One thing that I see people struggle with in this day and age is the art of being. In the future aquarian society this will be life. One way we can manifest these changes is to act as if they are already here. I think that the biggest way to do that is to just be. Don’t worry about what’s happening next because most likely you are still going to wake up in your bed and everything is going to be the same. Just be, don’t worry about work, or money, or the fact that you constantly feel impending doom because of the state of the world. Just go to your favorite coffee shop because why not, or take time out of your day to relax in front of the TV. Why? Just because you can. Do whatever gives you bliss and don’t think about what’s next. That’s something to deal with next. For me it’s spending my mornings at the gym, meditating, and laying out by the pool. While I do these things I make it a point to not worry about what’s happening later that day or tomorrow or whenever. This is my just being time. 

   Although in today’s society we still have to work hard and maybe find time for ourselves along the way, romanticizing small things can be a big help. I remember I used to work in an office and I hated it so to keep myself from going insane I would work out in the morning before work, dress cute for no reason, and work on this blog. I could have just sat there in a tshirt doing nothing all day feeling bad about myself but I didn’t. I felt called to do something else with my time. Then I eventually manifested a better job and life for myself. 

   Another reason I have adopted this “don’t worry, be happy” mindset is that like attracts like. I could have stayed in the same mindset I had when I started my office job, my thoughts were always somewhere between “I hate my life” and “is it 5:00 yet?” I decided to change it to “I control my reality” and I did. 

   Speaking of changing realities, how can small changes like this bring about the age of aquarius? Well I’m glad you asked. Like I said earlier, like attracts like. If we can all adopt the mindset of abundance and even happiness this will raise the collective consciousness. The faster we expand our consciousness the faster we let go of all of the problems we have now to make room for all of the blessings we want to receive. 

   Even if you think this is all a load of crap while reading this, I dare you to try it. Instead of waking up and thinking about your bank account or the news, try to slow down. Have a leisurely cup of coffee and maybe even try to meditate or pray. Say affirmations in the mirror like “I am abundant” or “I love my life.” Change your thought processes and watch your life change. Just be. 


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