What Sets Your Soul on Fire

   What sets your soul on fire? Maybe you can answer that question, maybe you can’t. No matter who you are, you are here for a reason. It’s no coincidence that there was a great awakening in 2020 or that the United States Pluto return happened in February 2022. Every person on this planet right now has a choice. They can either wake up to their purpose and do their part raising the vibration of the planet; or they can continue to sleep and keep going through the motions of daily life. 

   If you’re reading this you were meant to see it, yeah you! I don’t care if you’re 13 or 75 you still have time to fulfill your purpose. I am manifesting that only people who have a mission in this lifetime will read this. 

   So if you’re reading this my message is simple, just be you. If you are already spiritual you have probably seen content saying that you have to do certain things or buy a bunch of tools to fulfill your purpose. While some of these may work for you, none of it is required. Heck, you don’t even have to be “spiritual” or a “witch” to work your magick. All you need is you and the spark that lives inside you. Envision that feeling when you belt your favorite song or that feeling after you give someone a gift. These small acts of fulfillment do great things to the collective energy. 

   While you may think that you’re just one person and you can’t make a difference in the Earth’s energy, you’re dead wrong. First of all you’re more than a person, you are an endless being with an energy field much bigger than you. When your energy impacts another person’s energy positively it’s a chain reaction because now they can impact someone else’s energy. So imagine what you can do when you’re doing that thing that makes your eyes light up and gives you butterflies in your tummy. You may think that nobody notices it but I promise you, you are making a bigger impact than you think. You just being yourself and raising your own vibration in turn raises that of the Earth.

   The same is true with negativity though and this is the biggest weapon that evil beings have against us. A great example is the media, how much good news do you see versus bad? You probably see a lot more bad news on TV and it probably scares you. That’s the whole point. All of us spirituals and good people can’t change the world if we’re trapped in the fear based consciousness. 

   So make the choice today to jump onto your path. While it may seem hard all you have to do is put the intention into the world that you are ready to access your highest self. The universe will do the work for you and make sure that you are in the right place at the right time to receive your dreams. All you have to do is leap, the universe will catch you. 

Look at yourself in the mirror and read this activation out loud until you physically feel it in your body. I have charged this with energy to give you extra oomph but remember, it all comes from within you. It’s your choice to believe it.

I choose to leap to my highest reality

Activation pro tips:

  • Hold some clear quartz or crystals that match your intention for more energy
  • Write it down: writing something is a great way to release an intention because it’s something we physically do and see
  • Repetition: Our brains love repetition, if you repeat something enough you’ll trick your brain into believing it.
  • Let go and believe: in the end the choice is yours, if you believe that affirmations work then they do. If you choose to believe they don’t then they hold no power to you. Same goes with all things.

Ps… the cover of this article is a sigil so if you’re into sigil magick feel free to use it 🙂


3 thoughts on “What Sets Your Soul on Fire

  1. Thankyou, quite encouraging.
    Regards your Venusian connections, you should check “The Aetherius Society”
    for the recorded words of Jesus who is an Aspect of a Venusian Master.

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