Astrology is a map of the stars but what if it could also be a map of the Earth? Plot twist it can, enter astrocartography. Astrocartography is a discipline of astrology that applies the birthchart to geographical areas of the planet. I find astrocartography very interesting because I hate where I live so I fantasize about going to the places my lines fall. I even have a line going right through my favorite place, Sedona Arizona. 

   Astrocartography is most used to foretell how one’s energy shifts depending on where they go. It can be interpreted in many ways but the most important features are the lines and angles. If you view your map online you will see a bunch of colored lines. Each one has a separate planet, position, and interpretation. Each of these lines has its own energy that you will feel if you go to that place. There are also angles that add to the nuanced energy; these are called the cardinal points. When you are in these places astrocartography says you can feel this energy and it will shift yours.

   Each line has its own planet and each planet has its own energy:

  • Sun: Visiting this line will lead to confidence, and good moods.
  • Moon: Traveling to the moon can make you more sensitive to emotions and energy as the moon rules emotions and intuition.
  • Mercury: Being near the Mercury line can boost communication and improve travel leading to more efficiency.
  • Venus: Going to the Venus line can make you extra attractive. You will be able to manifest with ease.
  • Mars: The Mars line makes us more bolder as this fire energy brings about a sense of bravery.
  • Jupiter: visiting the Jupiter line can bring lots of luck and abundance. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion.
  • Saturn: The Saturn line teaches us the hard lessons, these are places that can trigger life changing events. As Saturn is the planet of rules and restrictions these situations may seem negative but Saturn is closing these doors for a reason.
  • Uranus: Being near the line Uranus can bring out the rebellion in us all and make us think progressively. This planet brings about innovation and makes us less afraid to speak our minds and take action.
  • Neptune: Traveling to the neptune line can boost imagination, psychic abilities and dreams but also make you more susceptible to illusion and escapism. If you go to this line be sure you know the difference between deception and reality.
  • Pluto: Going to the line of Pluto brings about death and rebirth. Pluto rules the underworld which symbolizes power and destruction. Expect life shattering events and rising from the ashes if you choose to visit the Pluto line.
  • Chiron: Although Chiron is not a planet there are certain comets that also impact your chart. Chiron symbolizes the wounded healer archetype so coming to this line can show you how you heal others.
  • North and south nodes (lunar nodes): The nodes are really just mathematical points but they illuminate destiny and karmic past. If you visited the north node you would experience your destiny; but if you go to the south node you can experience past lives and get a clue about how to heal generational trauma and past life karma. 

   The next important piece to astrocartography is the angles. There are four cardinal points: the ascendent, descendent, the imuni coeli, and the midheaven. The ascendant represents the mask you wear. Depending on which ascendent line you encounter you will act like the energy of that line. For example if you go to your Chiron ascendent you may be more caring towards others. The imuni coeli or IC line holds the energy of family and home. Being near this line can promote a sense of introspection and meditation. Then the descendant line is associated with the seventh house of partnership so if you go to these places expect to meet companions. Lastly the midheaven holds the energy of public image and success. So expect luck and success near these locations.

   Although you may feel inspired to move to these locations, astrocartography is more of a forecast than directions. Just because you can meet your soulmate on your Venus descendent line doesn’t mean you should run there now. A more realistic scenario is moving to your Jupiter midheaven when you happen to get a job there, not really on purpose. Think of it as more of an oracle than a map.

   Empaths and psychics can even feel the energy of the lines remotely. One way is through people. Maybe your Sun ascendent falls in Italy and you never actually go there but your best friend is from there so you feel more confident around them. Acutely sensitive individuals can even feel the energy through objects and music. 

   Astrocartography is an innovative way to follow the stars, literally. I look forward to revisiting my Sun ascendent line in Arizona now that I know what I know now. I also find it interesting that my neptune descendent line falls where my family is from in Alaska. So I encourage everyone to go look up their chart and take a quick look at the lines. How many of them are in places you’ve already been?

Generate your map here: 



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