Power of the Portal

You’ve done your new moon. You’ve done your full moon. You’ve even done your occasional eclipse, although maybe it did you. Does anything else happen in the sky in those two weeks between? 

Yes, quite a bit, actually. You’ve got your transits, retrogrades, meteor showers, each with their own additions to the cosmic charcuterie board. But if you want to go for something really decadent, you’ve got to try the portals. 

What is a portal? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a gateway. 

A portal occurs during an alignment. Planetary portals take place during the conjunction or trine of celestial bodies in our solar system; numerological portals open as a result of number patterns in our calendars. Some portals are yearly events, such as the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 or the Sirius Gateway, while others may be several decades apart. 

During a portal, specific frequencies may be heightened or more easily accessible to the collective consciousness, ultimately serving to raise the vibration of our planet in some way. Take a look at the Great Conjunction of 2020, in which authoritarians Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct at zero degrees during the Winter Solstice. Merging the qualities of Jupiter (luck, expansion, religion, and law) with Saturn (structure, organization, discipline, wisdom) at a base point of zero degrees ushered in a blank slate for the collective: halted travel and reexamination of tradition leading to introspection, rescinded desire for conventional status in career prompting the great resignation. 

Think about portals in the movies: a vibrant, quick-flowing current of energy to take you to another space that you may have been unable to reach using conventional methods. Much the same thing here, although it’s not visible. Portals all present their own unique destinations, and we cannot choose exactly where it will take us, only our intentions when entering. The best way to work with a portal is to dip into that current of energy and open your mind to what it can do for you, or what you can do for the collective through it. 

That being said, all portals operate for the highest good of all, you included. Portals may cause a rain of blessings in their corresponding area to rain down, whether that be in creativity, financial abundance, love, harmony, or awakening—perhaps not always in the way that is expected. Unlike eclipse season which sometimes thrust (needed) transitions upon us, portal magick is easygoing. Once you’re tapped in, feel free to enjoy the ride. 

Our perceptions of what is commonplace and expected as part of reality can be warped during a portal. Improbable questions may find an answer, incremental progress may find great success, and a once paramount idea may lose its seat at the head of the table. The power of the portal is in its ability to extend these once distant forces into our perception.  

If you want to portal like a vvitch, you’re in luck. Portals are very easy to work with since their energy is so palpable. If you’re already working with planetary events, a portal at its peak may feel like a full moon with the volume turned all the way up. Our advice is to lean fully into whatever you hear. 

There are some portals where I have a clear vision of what is to come. The Lionsgate portal in 2021 coincided with a personal time of rebranding myself and reclaiming gifts and blessings from which I had become disconnected. I made a little portal itinerary, including scripting, working with honey calcite and indulging in as much sunshine as I could access. I stepped into a more confident and successful version of myself through that portal–it was the facelift my self concept needed at the time.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to do, follow it! Dip into that stream in whatever way suits your fancy. But if you’re feeling like a big portal or detailed dossier of ideas aren’t the move, that doesn’t mean you’re tapped out or that you should spend this portal on the bench. Here’s our recipe for getting fully immersed in the current: 

  1. Do your research: After you’ve found out the name and dates of the portal, seek out a trusted astrologer, spiritualist, or blogger (hi!) to give you some insight on what the specific upcoming portal means for the collective consciousness. You may find some themes that resonate with you during your research of the portal. For further investigation or clarification, try talking to your guides or doing some divination. Instead of “what should my focus be?” or “what will this portal bring for me?”, sometimes the most fruitful question is simply to ask for a needed reminder during the portal.
  2. Set the tone: Light some candles, play some music or Hz, grab what correspondents call to you. Lean into which color, crystals, candles, or other tools align with how the portal feels to you, as well as what it signifies for your personal journey. If you have an altar, you may want to incorporate these elements into it, or if not, try setting up a makeshift one using the space that is available to you. The important thing is to create a sacred and serene atmosphere.
  3. Enter the cosmos: Choose your favorite style of meditation and embark. I prefer to lay flat on the floor with crystals over my body, using a guided meditation, singing bowls, pure tone Hz, or nature sounds depending on what I feel called to (cheat code: some spiritualists create special tracks for portals on YouTube.) Hold close to your reminder from step one, allow yourself to become immersed in meditation, and fully enter the portal.
  4. Integrate: After your meditation, write down any important visions or downloads you received, or an entry about your experience. Use the lessons or gifts you have been given during this time to navigate moving forward, and only take action if you feel guided to do so.

Tell us about your portal experience! You’ll be hearing all about ours. Plus, a little tune that’ll put you in the mood for ascension. Enjoy!




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