The Talk

   Now kids, it’s time we had the talk: there’s boys, and girls, and together they make magic… kind of. Sex magick is a very innovative way to kickstart manifestation. Whether you do it with a partner or alone, it combines all your energy, feminine and masculine to give birth in the metaphysical. 

   Sex magic is more than just a way to spice things up the bedroom, its one of the most effective manifestation tools! It kickstarts the outcome you want by focusing your life force energy on what you want. All you have to do is focus and fuck. Engaging in sex magic not only focuses your energy on your desire but it also brings out both your masculine and feminine energy for max power. Manifesting this way is essentially giving birth in the metaphysical. In order to create a real baby, feminine and masculine cells are needed. It’s the same for manifestation but instead of cells, it needs energy. No matter how feminine or masculine you are, we all have both polars of energy inside us. When these energies are unbalanced it can cause a block and inhibit us from reaching our highest self so sex magic is a great way to balance these energies as well as create.

   Although all sex magick can create energy, nothing is more powerful than the orgasm. The orgasm releases a huge burst of your energy into the universe. The orgasm is also essential because it keeps you fully present in the moment as you focus on your telos or intention.   

“Orgasm, by its very nature, requires your total participation,” Margot Anand wrote in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. 

 The orgasm also leads to higher states of consciousness. This can bring on ego dissolution and even union with the higher self. So imagine pouring gasoline on your manifestation candle.

   Sex magick can also be done with the self and is a great form of self care. Intimacy with the self can create a great autonomy over one’s body and energy. It adds to your comfort and confidence physically and mentally. You begin to feel more in control in your body because you know what you like and don’t like. So don’t be afraid to try sex magick even if you don’t have a partner, like I said earlier we all have both parts of life’s energy inside of us. This is also great if you have trouble with keeping your energy balanced.

   There are  an endless amount of ways to do sex magick but here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

  • Oils: Oils and aromatherapy are a great way to get in the mood and bring out the energy of your intention. One way to do this is with essential oils like aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs affect the hormones in the body, making you more “in the mood.” There are also many sex magick oil blends on the market but one that I love is the strawberry sex magick from my local metaphysical store, Hearth Wisdom Store. Not only is this stuff awesome for sex magick and manifestation, it also smells amazing. I’ll link their website below. 
  • Color magick: Color magick is a great way to set the mood. Imagine a room full of deep pink rose petals with mood lighting and red velvet sheets. It would probably make you feel a type of way because red is the color of passion and pink is the color of love. In color magick every color has an intention so even if you’re not using the colors to seduce you can use color to help focus your intention. For example for manifesting success I would use orange so maybe I have orange lingerie, orange LED lights, or an orange candle. 
  • Crystals: I swear crystals are used for everything and sex magick is no exception. Like colors, every crystal has a different energy so they can be used to set your intention. Crystals are also like tiny boxes full of energy so they can amplify your energy even more. Here are some crystals to consider trying in your next sex magick rendezvous:
    • Garnet
      • Garnet is a stone that is great for courage, power and positive thinking. It can also activate the dark feminine energy that lies within us. This stone is great for waking one up to their own power in and out of the bedroom.
    • Carnelian
      • Being THE stone of power, carnelian seems like an obvious choice for sex magick. It activiates the sacral chakra which influences sex so if this chakra is blocked carnelian can help unblock sexual power. It also has a very passionate energy to it.
    • Clear quartz
      • The master stone, clear quartz, is great for amplifying any energy. It can also be programmed for any intention.
    • Rose quartz
      • Rose quartz or the stone of love is a great choice for sex magick as it works for self love and romantic love. So whether or not you’re going solo for sex magick, rose quartz works for everyone. The self love aspect is also great because manifestation requires the acceptance of the self.
    • Tiger’s eye
      • Tiger’s eye is great for confidence. Tiger’s eye provides a sense of self assurance that is great for everyone involved in a sex magick ritual. Whether you are commanding your partner or exploring the self, confidence is needed in any kind of ritual.
    • Red jasper
      • Red jasper holds the powers of passion, grounding and protection. All of these energies are essential in sex magick. Passion is the energy of the spell, grounding is the connection to this reality, and protection is making sure no harm is done to you or your energy. All in all I think this stone is a win win win. 

Another tip is to only focus on one intention at a time. Orgasm is the most important part of your ritual and also the hardest part to keep focused. Focus is essential in this type of manifestation so trying to think about multiple intentions can just make the energy all blurry. It also will give each intention less energy since now your energy is being divided. You can also use visual tools like tarot cards to keep your intention in focus. This is because visuals can impact the subconscious which is one of the keys to manifesting. Another way to do this is through runes, you can even draw your favorite runes on your partner or yourself. 

   This article is only dipping my toe in the art of sex magick. There are endless ways to perform this act so definitely experiment and find what works for you. This is also a very powerful manifestation tool so use it wisely and see how far over the edge it can take you. 




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