First Week of June Astrology

   I was scrolling through instagram earlier and I noticed just how many crazy placements we have for just the first week of June. It was weird because I knew they were coming, I just didn’t realize it was going to be all at once. I’ve honestly been feeling a little off but that’s probably because the energy this week is everywhere. 

   Although this isn’t technically June, we have the new moon in Gemini on May 30 to set the mood. This energy honestly felt really chaotic as Gemini is so outspoken. Anything you have been holding in is bound to come out now. The great part about this though is the chatty energy of Gemini will help us come out of Mercury’s retrograde.

   Mercury went direct on June 3 in Taurus. This seems like the most perfect transit as Taurus is very grounded to contrast the amount of air energy in the sky; but Mercury is square Saturn until it moves into Gemini on June 13. This can lead to clashes with authority and confusion as we try to move forward from retrograde. Mercury is the planet of travel and communication and Saturn is the teacher planet of authority. The best way to get through this transit is to not resist what Saturn is teaching you as this will just get you locked in the same cycle over and over again until you learn.

   This brings me to my next point, Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius on June 4 until October 23. Remember those lessons and cycles I mentioned? If you resist Saturn’s authority you will be restricted from moving forward until October 23 when the planet goes direct. (And trust me you don’t want to wait until then because at that point you will literally be forced to learn and move on). This transit can bring up past people and situations as Saturn also rules time. Saturn also brings closure to things that aren’t serving. When Saturn goes retrograde it can be hard because we are forced to let go of things we may not want to let go of but in the end a better door always opens. That’s why people have been following the stars for thousands of years. Think of this retrograde as a road map to the next part of your life. For a more specific look check the part of your chart ruled by Aquarius. 

   Now that I got all of the heavy placements out of the way we have one that is pretty sweet! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will be perfectly aligned and visible to the naked eye! They will stay this way throughout the month making June a perfect time for manifesting! 

   Overall this month seems to have all the ingredients for creating a new reality. We start off in the shadows with retrogrades and a dark moon but we soon move into the light with the alignment, upcoming full moon in Leo, and the Summer solstice. If I can give any advice, it’s to go with the flow. Don’t get caught up in any illusions that may arise as Saturn is trying to pull you out of these beliefs. Don’t try to fight Saturn as the planet of restriction knows how to punish. Simply sit back, enjoy the ride, and try out some manifesting along the way. Who knows where you’ll end up on the other side.


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