Flip The Script

Writing has brought great things into my life: a bike for an essay, an editorial position on the yearbook staff in high school (that’s where I met Aivrey), and an invaluable knowledge of myself honed over the course of seven years of journaling. The written elements in my creations and practice have always been fruitful, but I realized I could take my intentions to the next level by using writing to rewire my reality. 

Although there are a variety of ways to involve a written aspect in manifestation, I’ll share the two most prevalent in my practice: scripting and affirmations. Both of these methods are very popular and exceedingly simple to practice, but in my experience there are a few ways to give them a kick. 


Scripting is, at its essence, just a visualization in written form. To script is simply to write a journal entry in which your manifestation occurs, usually in the present tense. It’s easiest for those who are already keeping a journal or diary of some kind, as the script should mirror other entries as far as style, wording, and format. It should still sound like you, just with your manifestation. 

Scripting doesn’t need to be a formal affair–you should not be writing a five page essay about your desires in MLA format. However, that doesn’t mean that scripting can’t still be a special and magical experience. I keep all of my scripts in a blue and gold celestial notebook sanctioned specifically for manifestation related writing, so that there are no “old stories” in the same space as the reality I’m consciously choosing. Scripting can also be elevated with the use of charmed inks or pens to amplify a specific intention. It can also be as casual as you want; I’ve written scripts that are just text message drafts saved in my notes app as if I was about to send them out to a friend. 

I don’t truly know how I feel about something until I write about it–that’s the appeal of scripting for me. Having the full vision of my manifestation fleshed out on paper helps me to illuminate the details of my desire. There’s also something about scripting that feels very concrete and tangible, to the extent that when I have finished the script I no longer feel the need to do any more “work” on my desire, and I allow my subconscious mind to carry it out on my behalf. Although I recommend scripting as part of a nightly routine as it saturates your mind with the image of your desire before unconsciousness, it’s not necessary to script about the same thing for nights on end. Once you have written it and you feel that it is done, it is. 


I don’t think there is a single person reading this post that is not familiar with the idea of an affirmation. Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok (see here: “I don’t chase, I attract, whatever is meant for me will simply find me.” See also here: YAWN.) are all flooded with affirmation after affirmation. In my experience, a grand majority of these affirmations evoke no feeling in me upon reading them, and even if they do they are incredibly difficult to remember on account of being the length of a full paragraph. 

Affirmations are just thoughts. The same way that your script should read as a cohesive story of an event or description of an item, written affirmations should just read as snippets of a train of thought. Also similar to scripting, your affirmations should still sound like you. The importance of maintaining your individual voice in these methods is that you are not petitioning any higher power to grant you your desires based on your worthiness, you are simply helping your mind to see your desires as a normal part of your experience. Ergo, you should speak or write normally. 

I usually make a list of affirmations about one or more subjects and then just use them a few at a time in affirmation rampages or to flip my thoughts. I also like to begin my scripts with a few general or blanket affirmations such as “everything in my life is perfect” or “isn’t it wonderful?” to get me in the mood to script. 

Affirmations are most effective for me when they’re short, natural in wording, and fun to say. My formula for creating affirmations is simple: 1.) identify the unwanted thought or belief, 2.) identify the inverse of that thought, and finally 3.) make it spicy. Play with the wording until you enjoy it. Saying, thinking, or writing an affirmation should feel good; it should elicit some excitement when first created or adopted. 

If you feel called to either of these methods of manifestation, grab a pen and give them a try. Although techniques are not necessary to manifest, they can help us to organize our thoughts and keep them on track. Keep a look out for an affirmations builder dropping later this week!




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