Lady of the Light

The inextinguishable divine feminine: dating back before the dawn of written history, and repeatedly reincarnated into society through goddesses and social movements. Divine feminine energy has returned to the spotlight in recent online discussions as a kind of panacea for the internal issues many women are plagued by. It’s been cited as a way to heal your relationship with your body, become more confident and magnetic, attract love into your life, and experience instantaneous spiritual power and manifestation. With this, emerge guides on how to embrace your divine feminine energy with varying degrees of objectivity, brandishing advice such as: wear makeup and heels, carry rose quartz, consume cinnamon or chocolate, or subscribe to a curated course for a fee. 

There can be some validity in these practices, and equal possible validity in the results that they yield. Most of the surface level divine feminine advice accruing on social media right now are simple, feel-good activities or minute purchases. Their credibility comes into question when they are taken at face value; as in “can wearing more pink make me irresistibly attractive?” or, “will buying a carnelian bracelet make me a sensual goddess?”. And to those questions, my answer is a resounding no. But your intentions can transform you, and you can use corresponding tools to channel your intentions. 

In my eyes, divine feminine energy is not something that can be bought, taught, or sold. It’s a vast concept that resonates with every person differently, and the only voice that will always resonate with you is your own. As you read this article and its successors in this series, I implore you to ask your own questions, including where you intend to go on this journey of exploring the well of receptive, creative, and intuitive energy that exists within you. 

Divine feminine energy is often described as multifaceted, taking on multiple roles within a person depending on timing and circumstance. Divine feminine energy follows cycles of life and fertility (the triple moon goddess: maiden, mother, and crone) and journeys of healing from trauma (wounded feminine into divine feminine). For the purposes of this series, we will be separating the two into the light and dark feminine. 

Light feminine energy is prone to following the maiden and mother archetypes. She possesses a natural joie de vivre, a gentle compassion for herself and those around her, and a talent for cultivating beauty and pleasure in her life. Light feminine energy is most easily embraced in times of peace or surrender, when you feel safe enough to be playful and optimistic. 

Tapping into your light feminine energy can help you to be kinder to yourself and others, open your heart to the vulnerability and compassion that are necessary in flourishing interpersonal relationships, strengthen your intuition by building internal trust and rapport, and embark on a path to experiencing all of the beauty that exists in life and in yourself. 

Here are four ways to welcome light feminine energy in your life:

  1. Create. 
    • The maiden archetype of divine feminine suggests ingenuity and potential, while the mother archetype suggests fertility. In this way, light feminine energy is an ideal ground for creation of all kinds. Create for the sake of creating, and to experience the joy and catharism that creation holds rather than to yield a flawless result. You can be a creator of many things–sketches, songs, dances, finger paintings, lopsided cakes, outlandish ideas, hope–without your creations needing to be ranked first place. 
  2. Be present.  
    • Surrender to the now. Take a few moments to be mindful throughout the day by practicing breathing or grounding techniques, feeling your feet on the floor beneath you and following the rhythm of your breath. You may find that you are naturally more present in certain times of the day or in specific environments, and that mindfulness practices can develop from these. For example, I find it easiest to be present in the early morning or while outside, so I might take a walk soon after waking up. 
    • Additionally, try to find joy and gratitude in the moments that pass you. Be present in your internal conversations, and allow yourself to choose more positive expressions when you can. When you find this difficult, allow your conversations to exist without judgment as an extension of compassion towards yourself. 
  3. Nurture. 
    • Care for those around you and yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. Something as simple as sharing a meal with a loved one, doing a load of laundry in advance, or writing a thank-you note can be a method of nurturing if it’s done from the heart. Nurturing isn’t reserved for people either, taking your pets on a walk, upcycling, and watering your plants are ways of opening your heart to caring for the beings that live on this planet with you. 
  4. Soak in beauty. 
    • Steeping yourself in beauty and pleasure is a trademark of light feminine energy, but this is not to say that the spirit of light feminine energy is inherently frivolous or hedonistic. An important part of this practice is an open conversation about what feels beautiful to you. Soaking in beauty is not just about beautifying yourself, it’s also about experiencing the beauty of the world. Going on a scenic hike, having an affectionate conversation, lighting a candle, or watching a movie with gorgeous costumes and cinematography (Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is a great starter) are all ways to soak in the beauty of life. 

This list is not all encompassing by any means, nor are these rituals particularly elaborate. The important thing is that you focus your intention and are attentive to the way these practices make you feel. 

Now that you’ve got a mini-toolkit for letting light feminine energy into your life, give it a try! And if you’re feeling chatty, reach out to one of our platforms to let us know how it went. 

Until then,



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