The Side Not Seen

What it is Compare to light Aesthetics
How to tap in Magick Examples
We all have a side of ourselves that we show the world; as women we are expected to show a certain softness or approachable energy to the world. Then when we’re alone and we take off that face we may not feel as pretty. This is your dark feminine energy, she feels all emotions and dives deep into the self. She doesn’t fear the ugly as she destroys and creates a new path. This dark energy that women harness is our superpower that has been taken away from us… until now.
Most of the time we give off a light feminine energy. This is all of the traditional female archetypes like the mother or a passive lover. We have been taught to act nice, have fun, and most of all smile more. While this energy is essential and it helps us to create this is not the full spectrum. The moon is a symbol of feminine energy and while the full moon is bright there is also the dark side of the moon; like the moon we all have a dark side. This dark side is the feminine archetypes that don’t seem to be as well accepted by society like the femme fatale or the crone. This is who we are behind closed doors when we are not having fun and smiling. This is how we heal and the secrets we hold. The light feminine emotions are like a beach: they’re beautiful and inviting, you can swim in them without fear. When you meet your dark feminine your first instinct may be to swim back to the shore as these lie beyond the horizon in deep water. The dark feminine doesn’t fear her emotions or flaws, she is like a siren deep in the sea.
Speaking of sirens, the dark feminine is not afraid to get what she wants. Sirens sing to lure men to their watery death and the dark feminine is your compass to lure your desires to you. She isn’t afraid of what other people will think about her choices so she just attracts. This power also comes with destruction. The siren kills a man while the dark feminine kills the old versions of the self to make room for the new manifestations. She also kills obstacles like toxic people, habits, addictions, mental blocks etc.
There are many ways to tap into this sacred energy inside all of us, one being doing witchcraft or simply having your awakening. Spiritual awakening is the first step to unlocking this deep healing, it forces you to see the parts of

you you ignore. You can also follow feminine goddesses like Venus, Lilith, Kali, Asherah, Isis, Hecate, Selene, Diana etc. Another more practical way to embrace this energy is dressing the part so dressing more dark, sexy or with the “witchy” aesthetic. Some examples of dark femme aesthetics include: lunar, space, femme fatale, crone, divine feminine, beach at night, deep sea, night, gothic, grunch, siren, mermaid, death, dark academia, witchy, occult, horror, feminist. If you need a confidence boost you can act the part. The dark feminine is all about being fearless and attractive so once you get that hot girl outfit on, embrace a confident persona. I know what you’re thinking and no, you don’t have to change yourself to embrace your divine feminine. Do you ever want to do something and think you can’t? Well when you get that thought of self doubt just envision it walking away. Then you will be able to talk to that guy or perform in front of that crowd. At first adopting this confidence will seem difficult or even fake but soon you will find yourself doing what sets your soul on fire which is why we embrace this energy.
I already touched on this once but doing magick is a great way to access the dark femme. One thing that is essential is doing your shadow work. I have an article on shadow work I can link below but some ideas include journal prompts, meditations, and different rituals to help you accept your whole self. Meditation in general is also an amazing way to tap into this energy. Youtube has tons of different meditations including shadow work, reiki, frequency, astral projection and so many more. The dark feminine energy is also how we access other realms. It helps us predict the future, channel, astral project, and feel any energy we cannot see. This is why there are more female psychics than male. Any magick involving psychic or spirit work is accessing the dark feminine. Once you really get to know your dark feminine manifestation and psychic work becomes way easier.
Some examples of women who give off this energy include: Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Meryl Streep, Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Meghan Foxx, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Jessie Reyez, Uma Thurman, Doja Cat, Helena Bonham Carter, Lorde, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande


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